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Full Moon Lockdown by Jackie Nacht

Full Moon Lockdown - Jackie Nacht

All right, this is it people. This exactly what I love and crave when I read a paranormal book that involves wolf-shifters. Damn this read was one hell of a ride and damn if I’m not anxiously waiting for #2 of the series.


Let me tell you, this was a 117 pages novella that I surprisingly devoured in a couple of hours with people going in and out of the house, kids screaming their heads off and elders demanding my presence, yet I noticed nothing. Nothing at all!


From line one, I was lost to the known world. From chapter one it was a miracle I still breathed, and by the end of book, well even now it’s a wonder I have the presence of mind to write the review and actually function.


The idea of pre-shifting wolves getting in a secured compound that would allow them to come to terms and control their wolf without hurting someone was freaking brilliant. I mean it, it is so damn logical and sane I wonder how no one else thought of that first.

Here we have Collin. He is anxious and freaking out of his mind, because in two years’ time he not only has to submit himself in a prison for his kind, but he has to go through the horror and the pains of his shift. Stay in the compound till he controls his wolf and in general be away from his pack and brother (his only blood relative) for at least a year. However, an attack to his pack leaves him and his brother the only survivors, his brother seriously injured, and they have nowhere to go except follow the guard from the nearby Moon Compound and make that “prison” their residence. Collin feels like he’s going to lose it.


On the other hand, we have Sloan. Damn that hot, hot, HOT Alpha. He stole my heart, period. He’s been in the compound for three years and still hasn’t mastered his wolf. A night before the full moon and yet another change he sees a new addition coming in and his heart is lost. Not understanding why he spends all night kneeling in front of his call and watching over the new arrival, praying he’s ok. Next day he goes into a fight with another Alpha that dared go near this new Omega. And the same night, without even thinking twice about it, he offers Collin his iPod so he’ll be able to not hear the screams and horrors of the shifters.


And how many times have I said that I totally hate the “Fate” and inevitable of the mating ritual? Yes, too many to count and I take it all back shamelessly on this occasion. This mating ritual ROCKED, and it’s one of the best I’ve read so far. Congratulations to the author, that was bloody brilliant, and one hell of an achievement pulling it off the way she did.


The pair took me with it and dragged me along its story without a hitch. One moment I was starting the read, the next it was over and I was left in agony, as the final line was the beginning of the next installment, and God damn it, it was so hooking that waiting I don’t know how many months for book #2 to come out seems like the biggest cruelty ever done to me.


Oh God, I’m still upset it is over. Yeah, keep that in mind before you read this awesome, awesome book. I totally loved it.

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