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I'm a crazy chick who somehow ended up a volunteer reviewer for Miss Portia de Moncur. I read m/m books and review them as honestly and passionately as I can.

Zane's Inferno - Sara York This review contains spoilers
Zane’s Inferno is a story about two firemen. Well a fireman and a paramedic actually. I don’t find it necessary to go on about the story since the blurb pretty much says it all so I’ll just go ahead and be a bitch.
This story was so, so wrong, it actually accomplished making me bang my head on my desk quite a few times. Beside the sexual scenes that I have to admit were pretty damn HOT, everything else was terrible. Zane and Nick hook up quite spontaneously and after a hot to hell and beyond encounter they both say “I love you”… and cry… and dismiss all that hot sex by claiming that the emotion was beyond anything they had encountered… I didn't felt the “love” emotion, I didn’t felt any connection beyond lust, which was pretty well displayed, but did not evolve further.
Further on, on the story there were the arsons and the “bad guy’s” attempts to kill Zane, the bad guy being a colleague and all, yet even if Zane felt something misplaced about that bad guy’s behavior, he didn’t call it in. Really? A fellow fireman leaves you and your work-partner to die and you don’t call it in? He gives you an empty oxygen tank and you don’t make an issue of that? Going on was the accusations at Nick and the “evidence” found at his place… and the detectives behavior… oh damn, the entire story was completely off. Too bad, it really had potentials.