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The Vampire Contract - R.J. Scott Reviewed for MM Good Book Reviews

Oh I loved this book, and what a nice start it was for a series.

RJ Scott created a beautiful background for this adventure through species. Werewolves, Vampires, Fae (although the latter didn’t made an appearance in this first book), a world trapped in old traditions and royal clans along with pure blooded arrogance. It all painted a scenery that promises action and war impending, strong love fated to struggle through fights that are not easy won, and love lost leaving back pain and hurt.

The Vampire Contract focuses on Micah and Connor. Micah is a Vampire accused for the murder of his own husband by the Glintir Court, the one responsible for applying justice and law on all the paranormal species. When Micah runs away Glintir Court Retriever Connor Strand, a Werewolf, is tasked to bring him back. Connor is one of the best, however he is in for a surprise when it appears that this little Vampire is not that easy a job and to top it all his wolf gets in the way when he recognizes Micah as his mate.

Connor faces the difficulty of struggling with his emotions, with the truth that is slowly unveiled and with a whole new amount of knowledge that threatens everything he ever believed in to be true and just. The most important thing of all though is that his love for Micah is undeniable and he’s going to face that his one true mate is faced with death.

A lovely, lovely story that had many treats that truly fascinate me. Werewolves being nearly feral, instincts that were demanding but placed in a logic frame, Vampires that were charming and seductive and enticing and sexy as Hell, magic thrown in there for good measure. A chase that went wrong, a love lost never to be found, a new love rising in the middle of ashes. The relationship between Micah and Connor was almost funny, it started in the middle of them trying to kill each other and right when you think one of them is going to end up dead, heat goes up and all things go South with base instincts taking over. It was also tinged with a dramatic layer when realization hit the pair that one or both of them are facing death straight in the eye.

In the end, after a very entertaining read, this book leaves you with the distinct feeling that not only it didn’t end, but this whole adventure just begun, and honestly I can’t wait for the next installment to come out. Anticipation is a very annoying thing when you have no patience at all. So in any case I strongly recommend this for all the lovers of the paranormal genre and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.