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Coming Home - Robyn Walker 2.5 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book reviews


This title was somewhat bittersweet. It left me with a sour taste on my mouth and the end not exactly to the point leaving doors open.

Nick comes back to Australia after ten years for the funeral of his best friend Ben. He is expected by his other friend Tammy, who welcomes him as if the last ten years never separated them. However the forth of their friendship, Daniel is quite hostile toward Nick.

The first 1/3 of the story is an introduction to what has happened in the word in the year 2015. There was some major food shortage due to climatic changes that has caused some very dramatic things in the human population worldwide. The scenery has changed too and all the greens and trees are a long lost dream.

Caught between his sorrow for his lost friend, the guilt for not keeping in touch with the gang and the grim circumstances his once-upon-a-time-home suffers, Nick feels at loss when Daniel treats him like an enemy. And the last 1/3 of the story revolves around the why’s and the how’s of Daniel’s and Nick’s relationship.

This is yet another story I failed to see the reason behind. I somehow got the vibe that it revolved around the concept of misinterpretation and youthful mistakes, but that was it. It was simply an introduction of a very sad future, a love lost, years wasted. Romance should have been somewhere in there but it was so brief that only the lost memories shows something to that account. In my eyes this title felt unfinished. It needed a bit more to give it a proper ending and the lack of tension and heart-beating-fast events made for a dull read. Quite melancholic in my opinion and although I like bittersweet books, this one just didn’t reach me.