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The Besties - Vicktor Alexander Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


So here I am thinking “I hope to God this shorty is worth it”, since I’m not very fond of them, and finding myself dumbfounded by the hilarity and the incredible good time I had reading The Besties. I absolutely LOVED this one.

Kelly is our hero here and he is an incredible character, one you cannot fail to love immediately. He’s small, slim, gorgeous hair and appearance, but for one flaw, his low self-esteem. His birth family having disowned him in a very young age and his jerk of an ex-boyfriend having treated him awfully have left a serious case of baggage. Add to that his asthma and panic attacks whenever he meets a gorgeous man and you have a miserable Kelly, still a virgin at his thirty.

As I said you cannot fail to love this character. Not only he is adorable, but he has this fantastic humor that will have you laughing with him all the time while reading his story. Speaking of, this is the story of how Kelly met Hawk (I’m drooling over him still) a gorgeous man that is the personification of Kelly’s dreams.

Kelly’s best friends, Krystal and Amy, tired of seeing him miserable and alone introduce him to Hawk and a series of hilarious to the point of tears events start happening. Not all of them are funny though, there is definitely some drama taking place, and while I mostly despise it, I found our little drama-queen quite lovable. I don’t know, the connection was pretty instant there and the whole first-time scene took me back to my own shenanigans. Emotions and events felt like I was living them myself and all this from a very short read. Loved it.

This being the first title I read from this author I’m very pleased. The narration voice was wonderful, writing itself excellent and although the author claims this to be the first romantic book he’s written I would so love to see more and then some. As for The Besties itself, strongly recommended, it’s guaranteed you’ll have a fabulous time reading it.