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Undercover Lover - Rebecca Brochu 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


In this short story we meet Gentry, an undercover cop for Vice. His cover identity is that of a hustler and everything goes better than expected until Dublin, owner of the night-club across from Gentry’s post, shows up.

At first Gentry and his partner thing he’s a potential client but Dublin surprises them by offering Gentry a jacket and some food and telling him to leave his post before he calls the cops on him. Same goes the next night and the one that follows. Only the cops are never called, Gentry’s arrests undercover grow in numbers and a strange friendship is born between him and Dublin. Dublin’s insistence to help the poor “hustler” with no means in life makes Gentry realize that this man is one to keep, if one there weren’t the lies he’s forced to tell him in order not to blow his cover.

I loved this short. It was greatly written, with a sense of humor behind the lines that makes the read irresistible, characters that were funny and charming each in his own way and a plot that was just about perfect for the length of the read.

Gentry is the twinkish kind that while born in a family of cops, had a strong relation with his father and brother and an acceptance that is almost dreamy. That’s a reason for him to follow on their footsteps and become a cop, ready to do his job and stand his grown when his young and “fairy” appearance brought some unwanted trouble. His hustler role is hilarious in some ways and quite convincing in others.

His partner Trent is a character that makes an appearance and is quite entertaining with his lines and teasing.

And Dublin, well my favorite of the bunch is a big bear of a sweet man that has you instantly wrapped around his little pinkie. When things get revealed I wondered if the read would lead toward the melodramatic and disappoint with stereotypes, but thankfully it turned to be quite the opposite.

And as the blurb says this is a romance on the go and is perfect as a quick fix that will bring you a healthy dose of sweet, sexy and even hot feelings. Recommended.