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Shane's Submission - Erin M. Leaf 2.5 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Well, if you’re looking for a short story, for escapism purpose only and you don’t really care about the plausibility of the plot, rather prefer two really hot friends that experiment with their curiosity and end up with hot and smexy scenes and love declarations ending it, then by all means this is a perfect such short.

Shane is having a problem. He’s been dumped by his girlfriend for two weeks now and his best friend Leo can’t understand why he’s still cranky. When Shane tells him the reason his ex left him was because he could not bring himself to spank her Leo’s big mouth runs ahead and proposes Shane to be on the receiving end for experimental purposes only. After all, when both were teenagers and had a hard time finding girlfriends, that’s exactly how they learned kissing. On each other…

Are you seeing it yet? Yeah, the bi-curious boys are the theme here and the plot is quite easy to follow. Shane, after squirming and pretending to refuse, finally succumbs to Leo’s whim. One thing leads to another and the past comes smashing heads with memories and longings gripping them both and not letting them go.

Yes, we have two bi guys who have to come to grips with their sexuality, Shane more than Leo. Yes, we have full on intercourse while both are virgins on male/male lovemaking. Yes, all the while we have this spanking kink and a slight bondage (there is a safeword mentioned there too) to spice thing up a bit.

No, this is not my thing at all. I’ve always been wary of first timers and especially when kinks are combined. I just felt it was way over the top, although if I’m honest I loved the ending scene when both exes barged in and started a confrontation. I found that hilarious really.

So there you have it, take it or leave it, it’s up to you and your personal likes.