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I'm a crazy chick who somehow ended up a volunteer reviewer for Miss Portia de Moncur. I read m/m books and review them as honestly and passionately as I can.

Everything We Shut Our Eyes To - Gene Gant Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Oh my, the emotional charge this book has is beyond words. This is the story of a fifteen years old boy who is realizing that the feelings he has for his best friend are more than brotherly and they are not going away. We view this story entirely from his perspective, we are inside his mind and soul, and I can’t stop thinking how perfectly the puberty phase is captured and described. The way Dwight shuts his emotions deeply inside him, the way he tries not to even think about what’s going on with his sexuality, yet never able to truly escape it is incredible. And heartbreaking.

And as if his life isn’t already messed up in all those crazy emotions, he is burdened with the loss of his mother, with the guilt that he caused his mother’s death, that is simply a distorted notion in his head, and with a father that dives head first into depression. Dwight’s entire world keeps sinking and the way his emotions are described can’t feel more real for me. It is almost unbearable witnessing how scared and powerless this kid is, it is gut wrenching when he eavesdrops on his father telling his best friend about his dead wife’s suspicions of Dwight being gay and how he would rather have no son, and it’s downright soul-shattering witnessing this young child feeling the guilt of letting down his father, thus trying to be straight for him.

I loved this book, really did, even though there were instances that it hurt too much reading it, even though I got too attached to the character and thus too invested, experiencing many feelings on his behalf, or perhaps due to all these reasons, I found it brilliant. I think this book addressed so many issues and problems teenagers face now-days and with a gorgeous writing skill. I even loved how things turned out in the near end. The fact that they went even worse, the fact that it had my jaw hanging there thinking that, come on, life can’t be crueler to this kid, it was just too damn realistic and I’m a sucker for all that. My one and only disappointment was the very way this book ended. I felt as if it was too abrupt, or as if there is a whole new story there to follow. I simply wish there is a sequel to this book, because damn I didn’t get a closure from this one.

So heads up, this is not a HEA or a HFN, this is downright life-sucks-reality and while a brilliant work keep in mind you’ll get too emotional reading this book. If however you are like me and in need of some serious slap in the face story, with no happy endings there because life isn’t always fun and games, then I suggest you read this one. Totally worth it.