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Easy Ryder - Deanna Wadsworth 5 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Fantastic and brilliant, I absolutely adored every single line in this book. It was a positive thrill reading this book.

“I had experienced a milestone…

A lifetime in one week. I had fallen in love, mapped out a plan for my future, been betrayed, saved someone’s life, and bonded myself to another man through a terrible experience.

What tomorrow held for me, I did not know.”

I think the blurb and the above quote say more than enough about the book. What it doesn’t say is how enthralling the book really is. The characters are both very appealing, both their personalities are overwhelmingly gorgeous. You won’t help loving Snake, even if he seems (and probably is) a shady guy, and you won’t help but adore Ryder, even if you dislike his initial slutty side.

And that’s the beauty if this book. It’s real and it doesn’t shy from flaws and reality. There are no polished perfect characters here, there is no dreamy bubble of a perfect world where everything ends in a happily ever after. This is a book that has all the ugliness there is out there, a big range of feelings and emotions, and if the characters want a HEA in their life, they have work hard and risk everything for a chance at it.

What with all the above and the fact this book is set at the 70’s, I was sold immediately. The penmanship this author has is delightful. I was really surprised though by the fact that the whole story happens in just two days. I would have never thought that I’d love a book that has its characters falling in love so soon and has them going through a lifetimes events in merely two days. Yet this is the real beauty, the brilliance of this author’s writing skill. I couldn’t believe it really, even as I was reading, how effortlessly she made it happen, how very logical a conclusion it was, how beautiful the blend of the characters’ cravings, the growth they make, and ultimately how easy their intimacy seemed. The scenes between the two were absolutely hot, from the hook up to their lovemaking it was scorching hot and sexy and with an intensity that burned you along with them.

I could go on and on talking about this book, but bottom end you simply need to read it to appreciate. This is certainly a book not to be missed and I truly believe that no matter the genre you favorite, you won’t help but love this one. It certainly my most favorite list.