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Life After My Unfortunate Demise

Life After My Unfortunate Demise - Edward Kendrick 2.5 Stars
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Well damn if this wasn’t a weird shorty and it started so well what with the witty narration of Mark and his “Unfortunate Demise”.
The story is not complicated. Mark is dead for many years and because he has no idea who killed him he can’t move on. All he does is run the hallways and the offices of the building he was killed at, and although after life is pretty boring for him, it has its perks. He can freely ogle a young lawyer, Dixon, and have fantasies starring them. Until the day Dixon is killed.
It is then that things take a 180 turn and they discover that not only they are both into each other but their deaths are somehow linked. All they have to do now is prove their cases and “move on”. If only that was that easy and if only they had their heart into it.
I don’t know, as I said it started great, I was laughing with this short from first paragraph. Mark is a witty character and had a charming thing about him when this story started. But then as the plot moved on I found out that there was not much about it, as a plot that is. Pretty shallow and predictable it had nothing to keep you really interested there, and to make thing worse it got pretty sappy in the end.
As for the characters themselves, though I did like Mark since I saw this “after death” world through his eyes, I had no connection at all with Dixon. Made me wonder in the end, beside him being hot and gorgeous, why they make such a “forever” decision.
Oh well, perhaps it’s just me and my poor ability to appreciate ghost stories, but this one was not a story I will go back to.