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Magically Delicious

Magically Delicious - Caitlin Ricci 2.5~3 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Back in March I reviewed this book. Back then this was a very short story, fairly magical and with a hint of mischief as the leprechaun Arn tricks human Luke into giving him his last lost coin back. But the trick was on him as he fell in love with the human and thus being forced to choose his immortality in the Fae Realm or a mortal life with his beloved. Yeah, guess what Arn chose.

In this revised and re-edited version we read all the above in a text much easier in our eyes, but with some additional scenes. Unfortunately, while the addition had quite an interesting aspect, I can’t help but feel that the length of the story was too short for proper development. As fun as the pair is and as romantic the idea of Arn leaving it all behind for his beloved, it was marred by a hasty change and twist of events that for me they simply felt as too much.

The initial text was already pushing those boundaries but this one just went overboard for me, and it left with more questions than before. As the story reached its end I’m thinking “what’s next” and “how did that worked” and many, many more.

Bottom end I’d rather have the prior short with the revision and the one additional scene where both men take things to Arn’s place, without the final visit from Arn’s Mother. However, if you haven’t read this before and if you don’t mind magic and romance overwhelming credibility, this is a nice and fun short read.