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By the Book

By the Book - Nancy M. Griffis 3 hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is very cute and sweet. Although the main character is a homicide policeman, it lacks the angst that usually follows them. This focuses more on the sweet beginning of a relationship.

Kyle is a very nice character and quite hot as well, but the fact that his job is demanding, always butts in when least expected, and on top it’s quite dangerous has left Kyle with a series of failed dates and relationships that died before they even started. Until he met Roman.

Now Roman is a most eclectic character. He’s French and he has that charm following him. He’s the dream Kyle never dared having; calm, sweet, understanding, and incredibly hot.

What I mostly liked in this story though was their first date. It was as awkward as a real life first date goes. Loved it, loved the fact that not everything was immaculate and that a great dose of reality was included.

As I said a very sweet read that makes you go all “awww” in the end. Recommended!