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Camp Spartacus

Camp Spartacus - Laura  Hughes 4 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

I just loved this short story, again wishing for more because there really, really should be more about Mike and Dante.

After some troubled years in high school where coming out was not all love and sunshine, Cadet Lieutenant Mike Ruggiero is finally finding a family in FSA camp, bonding with his squad members and actually forgetting all about gay, straight etc. All it matters is his training and he feels great about it, until rumors of a gay guy existing in camp started spreading.

“Here we go again” he thinks and fear of the same dark times he lived in high school covered him, only to vanish in thin air when his entire squad seemed supportive. And just as he was starting to feel elated that his friends were so cool with him, some negativity comes from one of his squad members. Dante is not appreciating Mike “claiming” to be gay that much…

I just loved it. It was interesting, it was griping, it made want more and more, and Dante, oh man, this character had me screaming inwardly at the author saying: “forget about the MC and focus a bit more on Dante for crying out loud”.

So no, this was not the hot, steamy, stimulating erotica, it was a rather sweet and slightly emotional read, but that was more than ok with me. Strongly recommended!