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Final Awakening

Final Awakening - M. Raiya 4 Hearts
Review written for MM Good book Reviews

Sequel to Slow Awakening, Final Awakening follows the King and the Ambassador in yet another adventure.

This time the King visits the kingdom of king Oban in order to find his lover and perhaps persuade him to follow him back to his own kingdom. His enlightment that their relationship goes beyond mere lust and passion has him in a state of eagerness. After all this could be the beginning of his happily ever after with the man that owns him body and soul.

However the danger of their relationship doesn’t lay far from dark corners, and when the King finally reaches his destination, he understands all too well how true that is.

I love it when an author manages to spin such a tale in such a short story. The tension drawn from the danger the characters faced was well felt and from the very start of the story I got engaged and slightly trapped in its web.

What made a huge impression to me though was the fact that I finished the story and started writing this review before I realized that I have no idea what the characters are named. It’s just the King and the Ambassador, and I was going through the book once again in the slight chance I missed their damned names however impossible that seems. But there you have it, and it says a good deal about the enthralling way this tale is told.

Now there are elements of bdsm implied in the story, and the pair even engages in one such scene. However if you’re expecting a proper bdsm scene you might be disappointed because the way I saw it, it was lighter than light, and the author simply uses it to showcase the type of relationship and bond that exist between these two men.

Bottom end though, I loved it. I still want to know their names, because I feel a bit detached, and they are a bit faceless too, but I still loved it.