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First Aid

First Aid - J.L. Jensen 4.5 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Hot damn! This was one hell of a horny read. Uhm! Excuse me while I fan myself.

Right, so now that that’s done, let me get to the story.

What is it with authors and teasing? Hmm? Not that I mind, oh no, but this entire read is a teas. And it’s official; I have a fetish about stories that feature sexy men in woman’s clothes.

So here we have Jason working the EMS/First Aid booth at Pride when a sexy lady in a most alluring walk/prowl walks by. The gorgeous woman has both his and his partner’s heads turned aroung, but when a dog tangles in her feet causing her to fall it is Jason who jumps at the opportunity to offer First Aid.

And feel free to let you imagination run wild. Have you read a more blatant come on? Here it is, screaming loud and clear “you turn me on” and damn it if it did had the same effect for this reader.

Moving on, this story for me was brilliant; I loved it and loved its characters. Jason is the most non-judgmental, sweet, sexy horn dog I’ve read recently, making me wish all people were just. like. him! As for Casey, God the imagery of that man is so damn sexy and hot, he could show Hell the meaning of true fire. He was not so much drag as he was just plain beautiful both as a guy and impersonating a woman. I adored him.

The story itself verged from extremely erotic to awfully sweet and that was a damn feat to accomplish.

So there you have it, if you like me, like this type of stories, this short is just the thing to get you hot and bothered in no-time.