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Taking Pride

Taking Pride - Lorne Rodman 3.5 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

There is only one word to describe this hookup; awkward! But that is what made it perfect. Confused you a bit didn’t I?

Well here we have Paul, fresh out of the army and that means only one thing; he’s still getting used to civilian life, as he’s also getting used to the lack of DADT. Pushing himself into a normal life and being out Paul attends Pride where he sees a guy he finds familiar.

And Dev is familiar as they went through basic together once upon a time. Finding out he’s gay, that they both are gay, and now they can actually act on it without fear that is a high on itself, but the chemistry between them also helps a great deal literally forcing them dump the parade and go to Dev’s place.

Nothing weird until this point, but once they get there and after they eat dinner that awkwardness that follows a first hook up set in. You know the one where you constantly say the wrong thing, or don’t know what to say. That was weird for me to read, I felt like squirming in my seat while reading the book, and you know what? I loved it! It made this little short story climb a whole new level on my eyes. It became a bit real. The scene that follows was so damned perfect I was nodding my head and thinking “yeah, this author nailed it”. And it was hot, horny even. This pair got to me nice and easy, despite the fact that I didn’t like their first kiss at all as it was hidden from us.

In the end, weighting pros and cons I found this book great. Recommended!