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Lost and Found in the Pacific

Well damn, I just love WWII stories, and I wasn’t disappointed by this one.


Lieutenants Mackenzie and Harry Glassman are forced in a rescue mission that was doomed not only to fail, but put in danger the life of the rescue crew. The airplane they were using was lacking at best, its engines both failing them in the middle of the Pacific.

Out of the crew, the only survivors of the crash were Mac and Harry, with Mac being injured, and they missed being shark food by a hair. It seems almost impossible a rescue for them would happen anytime soon and their future is looming a bit dark.

It’s the fact that they may die that encourages Mac to confess he’s attracted to men and furthermore being in love with Harry.


And this is why I love War stories. You know those stories that have you face to face with death and therefore make you a bit reckless, going for it even if the results might not be what you hope for. It’s that desperation of dying that throws to the wind any fear of rejection we face on our times. Here neither one of the characters wanted to die without making one last effort and try to find that elusive feeling of love.


From there on the story moved with such a lovely impact, I was lost in the sensations of these two lovers. A bit macabre at first with all those deaths around, it swiftly turned utterly romantic.


Insta-love? Yes, but who didn’t say I love you back then when your life measured with days, not years. Insta-bond? Yes again, but stranded in the middle of the ocean, facing being shark food with one wrong move, and even  rescue seeming a bit slim, well I do believe I would’ve sworn eternal love myself. I liked the story a lot. I got lost in it and despite being a quick one, it felt wholesome to me.





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