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I'm a crazy chick who somehow ended up a volunteer reviewer for Miss Portia de Moncur. I read m/m books and review them as honestly and passionately as I can.

The Pirate's Game - Heidi Cullinan Hmm, now this one was quite the overwhelming book. I haven’t encountered yet a novel with such a detailed plot, numerous characters all having so much to do and say in the story line. Somehow confusing the fact that one body is overflown by entities, Charles is at the same time Charles Perry and The White Charles aka The Lord. He is the bringer of Life, the very creator and at the same time the man, with his flaws and weaknesses. Timothy is Timothy Fielding, the concubine, the Lady, a ghost… In this book Timothy has lost his mortal body and haunts James Gibbs, the captain of the Merry Sue, a Ring Pirate. After the second novel of The Etsey Series, Temple Boy, Timothy is trying to save Charles from the pretender, Bassam, an androghenie, bound to kill the Lord, their Father and take over his power. We will see in this novel a lot from Jonathan Perry, Death Unit Officer, House blood survivor and Gateway to souls and Madeline a most powerful witch and House blood survivor as well. In their confusion between being Gods and men and trying to protect themselves from yet another war the “blood brothers” find themselves involved in games that are being played and foreseen in time before they even existed. I have to admit that my favorite character was Elleian, the androghenie, somehow I expect to see “tir” in the next book of the series along with the great mistress The Sea.
A very interesting plot, with suspense overflowing every chapter, unexpected twists and a most satisfactory ending. A little bit lacking on sexual scenes and the much need intensity on them never the less a great novel for lovers of Fantasy and those fascinated with the pirates ;)
And although the novel is readable on its own I strongly recommend the previous two novels of The Etsey Series in order to truly appreciate the complexity of the storyline.