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Sacred Fate - Eressë 3.5 stars

Wow what a fairytale this was. I think I’m starting to love fiction all over again. Ms. Eresse pulled out a nice book here and it was quite the joy for me to dive into its pages.

Storyline: What an amazing work and how well structured. At first I was mistaken to think this was about humans but I soon found out this story is about an alien species called the Deira, member of hermaphrodites who populate the world of Aisen. The deira are descendants of the Naere, their race of origin, who were a warrior race that caused their own planet’s death. In order to survive the Naere joined their powers and used them to create a tunel that led them from their planet to Aisen. Aisen’s native inhabitants were the gelra and due to their similarities the Naere choose to breed with them instead of extinguish and conquer their world. That was how Deira were created. An amazing storyline in my opinion. The Deira have quite the large spawn of life, nearly 120 years, they are hermaphrodites, meaning they have both male and female genitals. While women existed in the Naere’s world, the story begins with the death of the last one on Aisen. Fear not because the males can bear a child in this world.
Other than the above the story follows quite like a fairytale. Kings, princes, ambitious royalties and intrigues take place and the plot is actually quite satisfying. I nearly jumped in the end with it’s twist and had to perform so cheerleading actions quite involuntarily with the take of events. I’ll admit it with no shame, I was drowned in the story and hated it when I surfaced in the end.

The characters were enjoyable as well. Rohyn took hold of my attention immediately and Lassen, oh, what a character he was. If there ever was a romantic one he must be it. Many would think him naïve, being a concubine and falling in love with his King, but I saw he had no choice, the end of the book surly left no evidence of how could he act differently in any way. I am not going to stay at their beauty, that Eresse managed to make quite palpable, neither at their merits, that is something you need to explore by your self by reading the book, but I have to say that all the character were astonishing. Even the bad ones had an appeal to me that I haven’t managed to feel in quite some time.

So after what I’ve said you would be wandering why I haven’t rated this story with 5 stars. Although I quite enjoyed it, I had some issues with the poetic speech used in the novel. I suppose it fitted it quite well, but at times it was hilarious and odd. Some words like “deflower” and several others just didn’t do it for me. I has some laughing fits at them and I’m not sure if that was what the author intended at all. Add to that the fact that males give birth and women didn’t exist anymore and it left me with a slightly annoying feeling. Mind you, it worked very well in the storyline, yet it still bothered me.

All in all though, as I said in the beginning, this was quite the fairytale and I expect book two to be quite as good. And even if you feel as I do with the lack of a gender and with men bearing children you still should read it if you enjoy fiction. Have fun!!!