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I'm a crazy chick who somehow ended up a volunteer reviewer for Miss Portia de Moncur. I read m/m books and review them as honestly and passionately as I can.

Orders Enclosed (Pushing the Envelope, #4) - Kim Dare 3.5 hearts.

Scott has been given his orders, he is expected to follow them, and he does. As difficult as it is for him to enter a world he doesn’t belong in, as many doubts that trouble his thought, he manages to go through with it. Not knowing who is on the other side of the partition doesn’t matter anymore. Joe wouldn’t hurt him, would he?

As much as Joe loved his submissive following his orders it is clear to him that the trip at the glory hole has truly unfazed Scott. Understanding hit home when Scott admits that he was trying to figure out if the man behind the hole was really Joe or if he’d been playing a “joke” on him having a stranger. Someone has hurt his sub in the past and that makes Joe’s fury rise. The possessiveness that controls him, and the need to protect his submissive catch him off guard. Never before has Joe felt like this. Scott finally understands that Joe will not lie to him, especially after what his Dom decides to gift him.

This series continues as hot as ever slowly revealing the character’s feelings. Reasons of why Scott is so shy and closed come to light. His desire to do anything Joe asks from him, even if that goes against his survival instincts, show his blossoming submissive nature, and I loved the display of jealousy and fury from Joe. He slowly is putting both his feet into the “caring” pit and I love it how he doesn’t seem to realize it or even how to handle it. This was definitely another enjoyable read and if you’re into the series keep reading.