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I'm a crazy chick who somehow ended up a volunteer reviewer for Miss Portia de Moncur. I read m/m books and review them as honestly and passionately as I can.

Tigers and Devils - Sean Kennedy This is Simon’s story. A story of how he managed to not only fall for a god, but also how that god fell for him; how they learned to be in a relationship facing the good times and the bad.

Simon is a football fan, a deeply caring friend and the man responsible of the triple F film festival. In addition, he is a man who hides all his feeling behind snarky comments and cocky attitude. Although he’s been out and proud for many years, Simon never really had a relationship, and that is something that is eating his soul. He misses that feeling he sees in his best friend’s eyes whenever he is with his wife. Despite the fact that loneliness is suffocating him, he still resists his friend’s attempts to take him with him on parties and social events. It is one such night, at one such party that Simon meets Declan, a known “god” in the football industry, while passionately defending him.

It seems surreal that Declan is attracted to Simon. How can he possibly want Simon, when Declan could have anyone at all? These little insecurities along with Declan’s need to hide his sexuality and keep their relationship hidden will come often to be thorns in between them. How can you hide something this major when one of you is a celebrity constantly on the eye of the paparazzi? After all, we all know, nothing remains hidden for long and when the bubble blows the pair will have to show a strong front to absorb the damage.

I loved this book a lot. Simon’s personality is one I found very charming. I love the snarky guy that deep inside is just as scared as all of us, trying hard to make it through his emotions. I felt for him and the fact that his insecurities made him react in ways that made things even worse, helped even more. His fears, desires and passion are something I could well relate to. I also liked the fact that this story is narrated only by Simon’s point of view. That brought me even closer to him and when all his actions seemed unjustifiable to everybody else I had the inside glimpse to keep me on “Simon’s” side. It also made for a very good suspense during the break up times he and Declan had.

Speaking of, Declan was also a very likable character. His entire life as a celebrity and a role-model was brilliantly written. His fears realistic enough to make me want to shelter him from harm. His one obnoxious flaw had me pissed more than once, yet it was that one flaw that humanized him even more in my eyes. For me, Declan and Simon were perfect for each other and as soon as they learned how to be together, it was almost magic.

All in all, this was a very well written book, a romance on the sports field, and even if I have never seen or heard of Australian football I had a fun time reading it. The romance was absolutely fantastic, with all the highs and lows and the intensity to make you hold your breath at times. I missed the sexual action a bit, it would be nice if there was any, but hey, apparently we can’t have it all I recommend this one for anyone interested in a very realistic approach of the fan/celebrity fantasy.