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Beach Balls (Balls to the Wall, #3) - Tara Lain 4.5

Oh my, what a book, definitely my favorite of the Ball’s series.
Adam is an excellent character, very well written and I loved him. He is a lawyer working for a developer company and while he loves his job he is somehow an honest lawyer. Heh, I laughed at that in the beginning, but I soon saw how brilliant a character he was. His current case has him somehow in the blind. Not everything is revealed to him and that unnerves Adam. While his work has nearly drained him he finds time to go at a once-a-month weekend at a friend’s villa. You see Adam is gay, deeply in the closet and he has chosen it so in order to have the career that he dreamed. And these weekends are the only way he can get in touch with other men. Men like him that want to fill their need in absolute discretion.
While the party goes very well for Adam he’s shocked and surprised to get hooked with a stranger he met under the sea. And boy, Sky is extremely sexy and addictive. They instantly fell in an unexpected intimacy, the intensity they feel for each other leaving Adam breathless and in need to see Sky more and more and more… Just when everything feels to be heading toward a mind-blowing relationship with Adam more happy and excited he’s ever felt in his life, everything turns upside-down, his big money case flying of the window but the most painful thing of all, Sky is slipping right of his fingers.
Sky is none other than Dr. Sky Sea Mickeljohn, openly gay, lover of world peace and most of all, the environment. When he hears Adam on the developer’s side in the city-council, Sky loses it. He’s mad, mad at Adam for being a hated developer, mad at himself for falling for him, but there is no way he’s going to succumb and allow that amazing thing between them continue. No, Sky can’t love someone that stands against his biggest love of all, Earth. He will crush that developer’s case, delete him out of his mind, and continue his life just like before. It’s no big deal right?
This is such a great story. Both characters are amazing, gorgeous, sexy and lovable as hell. And oddly this is the one story in the series that is so realistically written. I loved it, Adam’s progress with his life was fantastic to read and Sky’s coming down to earth, finding it in his to actually socialize and attach himself with another human being was both beautiful and intense. And of course being written by Ms. Lane the characters did not fail being gorgeous and sexy, and their encounters scorching hot.
As I said above, this is my favorite book of them all; definitely recommended.