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The Taste of Devotion - Trina Lane http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com/

I did not expect it but I really liked this story. I get a bit paranoid when it comes to wereshifters and werewolves but, oh my, Ms. Lane had this were-lore nailed. I’m not going to bother with the story as the blurb pretty much says it all but I’m going to stand on the points that I like so much.
First there is the mating issue that we have often seen on were-stories but not very often is pulled so good. The magical issue of mating is a pro and a con when it comes to explain relationships between were-pairs, in this case there is the link that allows the pair to channel their thoughts but it doesn’t mean that they will automatically know each other’s thoughts. There can be secrets and that gives a notch of suspense in this story since Darren tries indeed to keep his past a secret and Cooper, well Cooper has a whole big pit of them.
Then I loved the time that Ms. Lane gave her characters to build their mating bond. Yes, yes I admit that at some point I thought perhaps she gave them a lil bit too much time, you know, it kinda got boring with all that talk and all that emotional charge; but it worked for me this time, since Darren is an emotional character, being secluded and abused his entire life and having a major culture shock, I think he is entitled of time.
And of course there was the sexual dynamic between the pair. Now I have not read any of the other books of the series, or any other book in general from this writer, but damn she had me with the sexual scenes; very intense, very sensual, and oh so very hot. I think the author handled Darren’s virginity with great mastery and well, if I didn’t liked Cooper until that point (which ofc I did), I loved him for his sensitivity. Made me wish I had a were-mate myself ;)
Last I just loved the Phantom River’s pack; their interaction with the outside world and humans, the way the pack works within, the friendship and respect that are in a blur yet distinguish themselves when necessary, everything about this were-story was great for me and I enjoyed it so much. I totally recommend this to anyone with a thing for wolves, fantasy and adventure for this book has it all.