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What Masa Wants - Shawn Bailey 2.5 stars

This Story had me thinking hard about how to review it. The genre is Yaoi so the not so consensual lovemaking is a given. The old story where the bigger man forces his love to the younger one and in the end, inevitably the young lover falls in love. It is all there. But it didn’t work for me. Not the concept, no, I love Yaoi, I love Yaoi anime too, a lot. Unfortunately this book lacks the basic treats that would make it great, for me at least.
Firstly and foremost there is complete lack of Japanese honorifics. Many authors that write Yaoi recruit them and make for authenticity. Here people are simply addressed as Mr. or Ms. And it automatically removes you from the Japanese mentality.
Then, there is a lot of Japanese culture missing too. The extreme levels of politeness, the humiliation they feel at simple teasing, the extremities they go to please their seniors and superiors. Nothing is there.
It is not uncommon in Yaoi that a supervisor abuses his possition and goes around humiliating his lesser co-workers. However, it would be unthinkable to do so in the presence of a higher in hierarchy and that happens a lot in this book.
Going on, I’ve never seen in original Japanese manga or Yaoi that level of intimacy between Boss/employee where the employee would ever call his/her boss by the given name, as so happens with Massa and the waitress, not to mention the forwardness of said waitress toward Daiki, a man she doesn’t know and has never met before. And dear me I won’t even go and analyze the Masa/Daiki/chauffer dialogues, those goes beyond the sphere of imagination.
In the end, while the plot was fairly Yaoi-themed and I quite liked it, even if Daiki didn’t really put much of a fight/embarrassment, the fact that there were so many things non-Yaoi put me down. I suppose I’m very peculiar when it comes to this genre and I expect nothing but the best research and outcome. For me this book failed to meet expectations.