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Lost Won (Liaisons #3) - S.E. Culpepper 4.5 Stars

So romantic, so sappy, so emotional, so intense and I so didn’t mind one bit.

I am deeply satisfied by this book. I not only loved it, it left me with a feeling of content. And I must admit that throughout the read I had so many feelings swirling in me, different all the time. Sometime I loved a character, next thing I know I wanted to smash his head, and then I’d go all mushy and love him all over again. But let’s take it from the start.

Christian Blakely. He is such a tormented soul, practically a victim of himself and his fears. Fresh out of college he meets Kevin and on an impulse he follows him to a night that will always be engraved in his mind. Christian always knew he was gay, he simply had no intention to follow his desires. When the morning after comes and he sees Kevin asleep in bed with him it scares him dead. Just before he sneaks of Kevin wakes up and gives him his number. Ever since Christian runs. From everybody, everything, for his own self. His pain and suffering is well hidden, only proof is his own skin which he has turned into a canvas where he prints in ink all his life from the moment he laid eyes on Kevin on…

Kevin McGuire. US Marine and a devoted brother. Taking guardianship of his little sister after their parents death Kevin’s all life revolves around her and his job. And deep down in hidden places of his mind and heart the image of a young man with white blond hair lurks. Kevin doesn’t know why he still keeps thinking of him even after six years have passed. He doesn’t know what compelled him to give his phone number in first place six years ago. The fact that he never received a phone call, or that Christian refuses to leave his mind irritates the hell out of him. So the moment he sees Christian at the race anger takes him by the throat and the inability to stay calm and focused gives away too much to his friends and sister.

It is amazing how strong this book is emotionally. How very powerful each word and sentence. You can totally feel for both men and get a grip of their emotions, they quite literally flow through the book into you.

This is how the story starts and it isn’t rushed. There is something to be said about the fact that this story has its own pace and goes through things and events slowly and with care as if not to miss one little detail.

You feel at the beginning that Christian is a coward, a man who can’t confront even his own reflection in the mirror and the instant dislike hits you, while all the time your anguish for Kevin attacks your heart. But when the six years passes and Christian’s side unfolds the change takes you by surprise. Christian, having been tired of running and hiding reveals an amazingly blunt side, going for all or nothing with honesty that not only captivates Kevin, but also the reader. How very cool when an author manages to do that with his/her characters.

As the events unfold I had this disturbing feeling that the tables were about to turn and when Kevin is faced with the come out drill things did get ugly. I’d never believed that a character like Kevin would have such trouble facing things head on, but this was yet another surprise and made for some very painful chapters on Christians behalf. I got at some point reading and wanting to shout some not-so-very-nice things to our tough Marine.

The thing is that both men never have been in a relationship. Christian has only been in relationships that were meant to hide him from the world, hurting in his way the women he was with, and well… Kevin never got the chance to one, what with the job and raising/taking care of his sister. So it is necessary for them both to mature and learn how to, together.

As I said at the beginning, this book was very, very intense emotion-wise. It twists round and round and you have no idea what you’re about to feel/read next. It keeps you on the toes even when you think that there must be an end to this, that any moment now it will go flat because no way this could go on forever. It does though till the end, which while overly romantic and quite sappy I enjoyed it more than I thought possible. And yes, I’m repeating myself, but I’m left totally satisfied by this novel.