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Ricochet - B.A. Tortuga 3.5 Stars

Well now, this was a pretty simple story plot-wise. Holt and Teague have been friends forever. Neither of them though have confessed to each other that they’re gay, until Holt falls head over heal with Dave and moves to the city with him. Some years pass by and (this is where the story really starts) Holt can’t live there anymore. His relationship with Dave has sunk and he’s suffocated with the life there, missing home and itching to go back as soon as possible. Dave though is not that willing to end this relationship. When pleadings fail he turns to violence by pointing a gun on Holts face and well, shooting him. By sheer luck Holt survives with only a scar on his face. That’s when Teague shows up to pick him up and bring him back home.

Now Teague’s been Holt’s friend forever, and Holt has no idea that he’s also been madly in love with him. Hell, Holt doesn’t even know Teague’s gay, that’s why he’s always dismissed his buddy as potential relationship material. Until he sees him with another guy.

From there on the plot is really transparent. The guys hook up, and slowly their friendship bond turns to love bond. Things get a bit hard again when Dave makes reappearance, but in the end we have a HEA.

Now, language-wise the script is full on coarse, cowboy style. I had the impression somebody grabbed me and teleported me in the middle of Texas. All maleness and hot down to dirty sex, it was hot. I liked it a lot. Perhaps a bit too much sex, those guys had really pent-up energy to dispose, but it was alright with me. I’d preferred perhaps a bit more story too, a bit more edge at the “dramatic” scenes with Dave. They came and went by in a blink and their gravity was a bit lost in the flow.

Nonetheless it was a nice and entertaining story and if you love cowboys, well these two were two down to the bones real ones.