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I'm a crazy chick who somehow ended up a volunteer reviewer for Miss Portia de Moncur. I read m/m books and review them as honestly and passionately as I can.

How to Save a Life - Sloan Parker The first time you come out, when you have your first sexual experience, the first time you feel that the road to happiness is right down the street your brother dies. He dies for being in the wrong place and the wrong time. He dies because he’s been looking for you. He dies because he’s been mistaken for gay. He dies because you killed him… And that guilt hunts Kevin for eight years. He hides his true self so deep in the closed, he tries to kill it. Now he’s a reported for the crime beat, he hunts down the ugly and dig for the truth. People have the right to know and they have the right to feel save. That is why he will go to the last place he wants to be and pretend he one of them. He will go to The Haven.
When you’re a cop you’re used to be in control of situations. You’re used to that feeling of being able to keep people safe. Being able to keep them alive. But when you fail to keep alive two young men during a robbery gone wrong, when you fail to keep the love of your life alive and safe, when you start to doubt everything you are, everything you’ve done, then all you are left is a n empty shell. The last thing you can do to redeem yourself is answer a call from your longest friend and try to find and save the men that have been kidnaped from his club. The Haven. Walter’s last chance.
The last thing Kevin expected when entering The Haven was to find himself, to fall in love, to save his life.
The last thing Walter expected when he entered The Haven was for the love of his life to trip on him, to heal him, to save him.
What a wonderful plot concept. This should truly have been a very nice ride. Romantic and adventurous, full of love and mystery. But it was not. It was far from that.
I loved how this story started, I loved Kevin, his awkwardness, his innocence, and he was quite funny and adorable. His pain and past were qualities, at least in the beginning. And Walter, a 48 year old sexy man he had me hooked so fact on his character, he seem strong and appealing and his emotional baggage gave him a better sex appeal. However as the story unfolded they both became tiresome, their age gap become a constant topic for them to focus and at some point the frustration I felt was nearly suffocating me. It made me wonder how many times they would take one step forward and two backward. They managed to get over Kevin’s reasons for hiding himself, they managed to make Kevin admit that he was gay (finally) and be ok with that, they managed to open themselves and fall in love with each other, but that age gap issue, or dear, it was drawn till the very, very end. Not cool. So the romantic part of the story was at best, ok, not too bad, but not as hot as I expected. There was simply no intensity between them unless you count the overdone sentimentality.
The mystery-suspense plot though, the whole detective-criminal thing that would had me forgetting everything else was definitely not good. The holes there were massive. It was like watching one of them cop movies on TV the make you groan every five minutes due to unrealistic events taking place. The bad guy had the kind of freedom no one has in real life. The good guys were at best extremely weak. And dear lord I could count on and on the things that went amiss with the plot, with the worst being how the psychotic kidnapper going in and out of The Haven from passages the owner, who had the place renovated from top to bottom, had no idea off. It was just bad and had me really struggling through it. By the time this story reached its end my first view of Walter had changed dramatically. That strong man turned into a weakling no ex-cop deserves. And Kevin, oh dear, some of his actions were too stupid to swallow.
I suppose you would really need to not care about specific details while reading this book in order to like it. As it is I’m a sucker for details and can’t let them easily slip my attention. After all this is supposed to be a suspense-mystery novel and as such it did not meet my standards for a good one.