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I'm a crazy chick who somehow ended up a volunteer reviewer for Miss Portia de Moncur. I read m/m books and review them as honestly and passionately as I can.

Must Love Cats - J.M. Snyder With “Must Love Cats” J.M. Snyder introduces us Dale, a thirty-one year old food critic, somewhat hypochondriac, with no love for dogs, cats or any kind of animal. Having also some high standards he can’t seem to find a man good enough for him to have a relationship with. So beside his BFF bisexual friend Jill he is a pretty lonely man. That loneliness shatters though when a cat shows up at his door and into his house as if it belonged there.

Meanwhile a new neighbor shows up at the house across from Dale’s and starts haunting his fantasies. Things get a lot stranger when the hot neighbor starts haunting Dale’s dreams too appearing naked at his bed in the morning. Dreams that seem and feel way too real to Dale. He starts feeling he’s being chased by the cat at night and hot, sexy neighbor at morning, facts that eventually lead him to think… what?? Could he… ever be a cat person…? Perhaps, why not, if the reward for that is Scott he might change his mind after all ;)

All in all a very amusing story with funny incidents, sensual daydreams and likable characters I would recommend it to those who like fantasy and humorous romance.