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I'm a crazy chick who somehow ended up a volunteer reviewer for Miss Portia de Moncur. I read m/m books and review them as honestly and passionately as I can.

False Start - Janey Chapel Such a lovely story it made me sad that it had to end. Chapel has a very unique way writing emotions, she truly made my skin shiver with her wonderful descriptions. I felt like I could stretch my hand and literally touch the character’s feelings, their agony, fear, anticipation and their beautiful lovemaking.
This is the story of Tucker and Whit.

Whit is charming, with humor and guts. I totally loved him. The kind of character that knows who he is and is proud of it. And if you don’t like it too bad for you.
Whit discovers his orientation in early puberty and when he finishes high school he comes out to his family. A lucky boy he is for his family accepts and loves him and mostly supports him in his life.
Whit has been in love with Tucker for four years and he’s never even dreamt of having him, thinking Tucker is straight.
Ms Chapel has a great way on describing an adolescent crush, the stalking we do when we’re young and for some reason can’t get close to our object of desire.

Whit goes to college as a proud gay boy and beyond his hopes he and Tucker hook up secretly. As much as Whit would love to have Tucker acknowledge their relationship he understands that it may be harder for Tucker to do so. With Tucker being a senior, Whit waits till graduation thinking that, after all that school drama is over, it would be easier for Tucker to claim his orientation. Alas, when the time comes Tucker gets so scared of what might happen if he comes out that he shuns Whit and avoids every contact between them. He breaks Whit’s heart and with that he leaves from their hometown and goes to university.

The 10 years that pass by are 10 very sad years for Tucker. Not only hasn’t he claimed his sexuality but he spends them lying even to his own self and trying hard to be straight. He never returns home until a letter comes, an invitation for college reunion. A reason to go home and try to find the strength to out himself once and for all. A reason to go back to Whit. But will Whit be there and if so, will he want him back??

The events that follow up, Tucker’s inner fight not to run once more but to stay and try to get back his love and get another chance are so emotional that made me wish Ms Chapel had written a longer novel so it wouldn’t end that quickly. And although there were only two sexual scenes in the book they were so intense and hot and sensual and powerful that they took my breath away.

A wonderful book that I’d highly recommend to any fan of contemporary M/M romance.