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I'm a crazy chick who somehow ended up a volunteer reviewer for Miss Portia de Moncur. I read m/m books and review them as honestly and passionately as I can.

After the End - Alex Kidwell 3.5 stars

Oh my, what a story. This was the definition of a heartbreak. I think I haven't been sadder while reading a book. I understand why the constant mourning from Quinn, it was 10 years relationship with a man that he absolutely adored that he lost, but it was painful to read. I felt so sorry for Brady. He was a perfect character. Flawless one would say. But because this whole story was seen from Quinn's point of view and it was narrated in first person, I'm incline to believe that that was how Quinn saw of him.
Even if the most part of the book was focused on Quinn's grief and his emotional dealings, followed up by an accident on Brady's part which had me struggling for breath (and I was literally aching the entire read feeling my throat constricted) the end was quite satisfying. No big bam, not great revelations. It is safe to say that this story felt too real. And if you can handle huge amounts of emotional charges then you should give this one a try.