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I'm a crazy chick who somehow ended up a volunteer reviewer for Miss Portia de Moncur. I read m/m books and review them as honestly and passionately as I can.

Male Order - Cassandre Dayne There are times where I come across a book that I really don’t like and I find it hard to review. After all it is not easy saying the why’s and the how’s when it comes to dislikes. I will however try to convey how I felt reading this book and why I didn’t liked it with outmost honesty
So let’s start with the plot, the story if you will. We have Razer, who has a very abusive past, demons he keeps locked in the deepest part of his soul, yet they control his every aspect of life. He is incapable to have a relationship, as he doesn’t trust enough to get involved with someone. He does however have his best friend in his life, who is also his lover. Now there is no love in between them, or the love there is can’t escalate beyond friendship. Razer needs a Dom he can trust and submit and his lover is not it. So before his lover leaves he gives Razer a gift, membership in a dating site, the Male Order. He insists that that is the way Razer will fall in love and heal his soul…

Call me cynical but this is too much. A stranger? Out of nowhere? And Razer will trust and magically fall in love? Unfortunately that is exactly what happens…

On the other hand we have Trenton, an accomplished and wealthy man, in a relationship that has gone stale for years. His partner loves him very much and does not want to lose him, but he can’t be the sub Trenton needs. So he enrolls him into a dating site that will find him a suitable match, the Male Order.

Now the idea of Trenton’s partner at the beginning is that Trenton will find a playmate and that will spice their relationship… However the Male Order makes perfect matches and their contract is a lifetime one… Meaning that once the two parties meet and see each other and agree to being equally attracted, they will sign papers to be together for the rest of their life…
Again… call me cynical, but really, this just doesn’t bode well with me. It is a horrendous concept and my mind just can’t wrap around it.

Moving on, both Trenton and Razer feel instantly attracted to each other, love in first sight and all, they meet the first time alone in a pub and the chemistry between them has them both doing nearly indecent things in public. I didn’t feel that chemistry but never mind. The second time they meet it’s at Trenton’s house, with Trenton’s partner where they end up in an MMM situation. Cynical old me comes out again rising the voice that will ask that nagging question about Razer’s trust being AWOL during this scene. There was a contrast between his day face and night face there, hell it was in the entire book as if Razer had two faces, the one moment he was courageous, confrontational and solid, and the next he was crumbling on the floor. But then again he wasn’t alone in the picture as Trenton was the same too.

Now another thing that had my jaw hanging was the fact that Trenton was supposed to be a Dom, Razer was supposed to be a sub, yet neither of them acted the part, ever. They were both supposed to be on this dating service to find a person for their “cravings” yet never once did they engage or even remotely showed interest in such activities. Behavior wise I was confused as to which character was supposed to be what. The lines were a best blurred. As for the sex scenes that took almost half the book, I have never been so disappointed. Beside the fact that they felt like a constant repetition of the same thing over and over again, there was no real feeling behind those scenes. Nothing. And imagine my shock when on the early one Razer and his lover engaged in sexual activities raw… as in no lubrication whatsoever… I was stunned.

Dear me I could go on forever writing and writing but then I’d give way too many spoilers. I’d like to believe that I didn’t so far and was within the limits of the blurb. Point is this book was not ready for me. It needed a serious revision and oh my, the editing, so poor it shocked me, it literally had me suspecting it never went through that process. Bottom line I can’t recommend this one.