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I'm a crazy chick who somehow ended up a volunteer reviewer for Miss Portia de Moncur. I read m/m books and review them as honestly and passionately as I can.

Age, Love, and Understanding - Evan Gilbert Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Aaron Bancroft understands his life perfectly. He is a middle-aged man, recently out of a twenty-three year relationship, and with a well-kept body that leads to a very attractive appearance. Taking small step Aaron steadily makes his way toward new connections. His life has still a lot to give him and he understands that he is capable for more.

What Aaron doesn’t understand is a young man, who could well be his son, named Rafael Gomez. He doesn’t understand their chemistry when they first meet, he doesn’t understand why he wants to keep Rafael for more than a night, and what is perhaps more frustrating is that he doesn’t understand why Rafael would want more with him.

Trying to come to terms with their age difference and the glaringly different stages they are in life Aaron allows the relationship to go on, living in the present and facing every day as it comes. But Aaron didn’t count on his hast beating all for the young man and in shock realizes that he is falling in love, a love that can’t have much of a life since Rafael is not out to his family and has no intention of doing so, consequently not being able to give 100% to their relationship.

I loved this book, it was funny, it was sweet, and it was romantic and emotional. Aaron is a character that will make you fall far him from page one. He is a solid man, able to see things and understand them as they are. But what I loved more about him is the fact that even when he lost control he regained it fast and didn’t keep a grunge. As for Rafael, oh dear, his sweetness and cuteness will seduce you just as fast as he seduced Aaron. Their relationship is perhaps one of the best developed one I’ve read in novellas. For its length it was well played with its ups and downs and not even coming close to stereotypes and clichés.

You will love this pair of men, you’ll definitely enjoy this read as well as Mr. Gilbert’s writing style, and I strongly recommend this to all fans of romance.