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Open Cover Before Striking - Willa Okati 2.5 Stars

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Yet another one of those book that while they start promising they end up a somewhat disappointment. It’s a shame really for I started reading this with such nice feelings, I kept laughing and smiling with the first chapter and had my hopes way high.

Davis’ character, while he seemed like a total jerk, was my favorite. What can I say, I like snarky and rude boys, they almost always hide a nice and sweet side behind all that rudeness and when they push people away, for me it’s like screaming “hold me, I don’t want to be alone”. And yes, it was that predictable, but I still liked that one. I mostly love his retorts and inner dialogues; they made me laugh out loud causing quite a few stares heading my way from whoever was nearby. Of course there were times where I simply rolled my eyes heavenward and shook my head with his stubbornness, still I related with his character, understood his reasons and had my “aww” moments when his past was somewhat revealed.

Cristián on the other hand, he was the odd one. While I adored him in the first chapter, from Davis’ point of view, and got intrigued by the mystery that cloaked him, he kind of pushed me off from then on. The gorgeous, hot and erotic man, with a little something undefined about him suddenly turned into a sweet, sweet guy with a bit of paranormal gifts on him that cause my cynicism raise an eyebrow. He might have won Davis over, but he didn’t win me…

The whole plot was a bit of a bet for me, I don’t really like the “it’s meant to be” stories, unless I’m reading fantasy or paranormal genre, and this hole you are my match in a contemporary romance instantly brings the word “sappy” in my head. Never the less I would do with it if it was pulled off nicely. In my opinion it wasn’t. While the words in the text constantly told us that it was meant for our two characters to be, the feeling failed to reach me. No intensity there, no “magic” to make it happen and they intimate time was a bit bland, not the mind-blowing, fire-cracking kind of passion one is used to when the need is a bit more than that and the soul of two people is in it.

In addition there was this vagueness in the text and on some scenes you lost the image of what was happening. I found myself wondering at a particular scene if Davis was on his back, or on his knees… The text implied as if we was on both stances at the same time… Yes, I’m not making sense perhaps, but I was that confused and it wasn’t just this one time. It didn’t help that the constant change of PoV gave me vertigo. It was every page a different PoV and nothing really settled. No chance to stick a bit with a character and have a stable viewing of the story.

But I did like Cristián’s brother, or should I say I loved him. He was such a funny one and his end scene was just perfect.

So even if this book was nice and sweet and romantic and all, it just didn’t really do it for me. I suppose the matchmaker and I didn’t click. ;)