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Sidney In Sydney - Duncan More 2.5~3 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Review: Oh dear, I cannot make up my mind for this story. I’m between liking it a bit and not liking it that much for various reasons. First of all let’s just say that the blurb is not consistent with the story itself. Don’t know what happened there but the narrator and protagonist of the story is not Sidney but Bucky.

Bucky is American and after having fallen in love with Sydney during the Olympics of 2000 he has made up his mind one day to visit and make it a splendor vacation. So saving up for 4 years he finally reaches his goal. Problem is once he steps foot in Sydney the rains start falling and he’s holed up in his hotel for three days.

First thing he does after that is hit the boat cruise and start sightseeing. On the boat though someone cruises him and while Bucky didn’t fly 9800 miles to get laid, laid he got. The sexy Aussie named Sidney is practically his twin in physique as he is a gym freak like Bucky and a complete Adonis at that. They hit it off in a fast and furious way and end up spending his three remaining days in Australia together. When time comes for Bucky to leave, truth hits home that in three days’ time he might just have fallen in love with Sidney in Sydney.

Hmm see, I think I figured the title’s meaning finally.

Anyway, story; a bit bland and unrealistic.

Language is a mix between genteel and crude.

Being an erotica the scenes were meant to be hot and steamy, but the sentiment was not felt. No charge there, no spark to make me feel that “oh God yeah” thingy.

And finally the dialogues were hysterically ludicrous.

And I still don’t know if I like it or not. Yeah the “we met, got together and fell in love all within three days” thing never works for me. I don’t feel bad reading this, but didn’t really get anything either so I’m going to leave it at that.