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Fire on the Mountain (Mountain, #1) - P.D. Singer 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Fire on the Mountain is a lovely story that follows Jake’s attempt at leaving human contact behind and hide on the mountains for the summer. Being in the closet for a long, long time, Jake intents to keep staying there after a near bad experience that cause him a couple of friendships. He figures it’ll be easy for him to hide in the heart of the mountains, but he never counted on having a partner like Kurt.

Sexy and alluring Kurt is driving Jake slowly but steadily out of his mind and with him me too. It’s crazy how easily I fell under Kurt’s spell. The writing made it all happen in quite the special way. I found myself lost in the wonderful pictures the author painted with her words and the intensifying emotions of Jake’s longing. It was quite funny somehow seeing him going crazy with lust a bit more day after day. The fact that the entire story is narrated from Jake’s PoV leaves us no indication of what Kurt must be thinking. We witness little things that might give him away, but Jake’s fear laden brain shuts them all down and the angst that is created by that took a hold on me as a reader too. When Kurt finally lets that armor down it was the best reward for me. I loved him then even more and they both won me over as a couple. They were perfect for each other.

The power balance of the story plot and emotional plot was fantastic with one fueling the other and the blend was almost magical. In between fighting the fires, trying to survive certain death and fighting with emotions there was a healthy dose of everyday life in there that felt so damn normal. The humor wasn’t lacking either and I do have a soft spot for the underwear scene. I couldn’t stop laughing with poor Jake’s frustration.

So I loved this story, made the whole ranger/firefighter stereotype shine and while I’m not much for them I can’t not admit there was quality here that I’d love to see more. Strongly recommended if you love firefighters, rangers, mountain, and action/romance stories. Totally worth it.


The short story included was awesome too. Beautiful description that seems to be this authors trademark and very helpful into loving Kurt even more. I could’ve kill Benji that jerk of a character that had my blood pressure high in a matter of seconds. Pff.