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Bolt-Hole - Amy Lane 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Yet another book from Amy Lane that like it or not grips you in its claws and drags you in its depths. By the time I finished it and took a look around I felt as if I hadn’t had a breath for the duration. It was that good.

This book follows Terrell, a guy literally trapped in life the way I saw him. He was born black, in a piss poor neighborhood and gay. He managed to get education, something he thought when he was young was all that he needed to escape the “hood”, his armor and guns to fight the battle. He didn’t make it, instead he was trapped yet again by the “white man’s plan” to keep the black/poor in order.

With a journalism degree in his pocket Terrell is top barman at Papi’s, and while he’s definitely not happy and has no prospects in his life, he still has one shining point, one little thing that makes him breathe a bit more. His coworker Colby, tall, blond, blue eyes and a heart like no other human being. His best and only friend, the guy that will take the world for him and protect him when shit hits the fan. Racist client, pain on his back, just a soul to listen? Colby is there for him.

During their one year friendship though Terrell had been quite absorbed in his life drama and making sure his “gayness” wasn’t slipping for him to understand how much Colby cares for him. It takes one kiss to shatter Terrell’s “safe place” and a gunshot to end his first real kiss, and mark the beginning of this incredible book.

I must admit I didn’t quite liked Terrell at the beginning, such an angry man, so bitter, and I was afraid that bitterness would leave a bad taste in my mouth by the time I finished. I was mistaken and ended loving that character and feeling hurt on his behalf way to many times. It’s an emotional read this one with a healthy dose of humor and love and incredibly sexy love-scenes.

Colby is unreal; he is Prince Charming come to save the world. Literally. And Terrell’s nickname for him, Captain America, is not an exaggeration. He’s a character I’ve never met in real life hence I distrust him, yet his chemistry with Terrell was undeniable. They fit well as friends, they fit well when they slowly started their “thing”, he was perfect for drawing Terrell out of his hole and into the world, and by the time their relationship got solid they were both magnificent. I loved this pair and their hot scenes were just that, hot and sexy and melting and sweet and so damn realistic. Ms. Lane has a way with her words that’s for sure.

The plot, the action, the crime and the rest were beautifully executed. There was not a single drop in pace and tension, or a dull space to mark this story. It starts fearlessly and goes on just like that with the angst of the romance plot hitting your nerves and preparing you for the agony and twist that comes with a “Bam” near the end.

An excellent book Bolt-Hole will make a point that no matter how shitty things are there is always something to hope and worth fighting for. Strongly recommended.