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Charitable Giving - Heidi Champa 3.5 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Honest confession; when I saw the cover of this book I so didn’t want to read it, don’t know why it gave me a negative feeling. And then the blurb seemed so dull. Well thankfully the book was more than what I expected and I ended up pleasantly surprised.

Mitch has a job he doesn’t quite like and dear Lord I don’t blame him at all. But the one bright prospect is Cal. Their chemistry instant the moment they met leads them to having a no-strings-attached affair. Totally unprofessional of Mitch, but hey, you can’t resist a man like Cal.
Their relationship, no matter how shallow it seems, slowly develops to something deeper and Mitch is feeling drowned and trapped. He wants thing to get more but he’s afraid that if he pushes for it he might lose Cal altogether. After finally making up his mind he’s beaten to punch by Cal announcing that he met someone and their attraction is so good, that he doesn’t want to jeopardize it by continuing the affair with Mitch.

And at this point I’m flabbergasted, because I had only read half the blurb and I didn’t see this coming. The thing is that the way the story is written it totally leads you on into believing that the guys will go for it after this dinner and the story will be about the difficulties of balancing work and relationship. I know, I should pay more attention to the damn blurb.

As it was I was surprised; the angst and intensity sky-rocketed for me for this point on. I literally gasped and groaned with how the story floated and the rest of the book flew by in a heartbeat. The last twist in the plot, while expected, was still executed amazingly well and the writing itself was lovely. The characters were both very charming and I couldn’t help not to feel sorry for Mitch on more than one occasions. I wanted his happy ending so badly that when it came it was like “it was about damn time already”. Bah the frustration.

Anyway, a lovely read with a bit of angst and heart-break specially ordered to keep you on your toes Charitable Giving is a book I wouldn’t hesitate recommending.