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المرأة في الفلكور الكردي - روهات آلاكوم 2.5 Hearts

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Hmm, I don’t know what to make about this short. It’s supposed to be the first book in a series yet it doesn’t have what it takes to entice you to get book #2.

We get to meet Devon and Adrien here, when Devon fills in for Michael at the mall as Santa due to Michael’s illness. That was supposed to be the only thing going wrong that day, if it wasn’t for Mr. Disaster-Bound-To-Happen, aka Adrien. In a series of “accidents” Adrien manages to get mauled by his cat, drop into Andy, his boss, causing Andy a trip at the hospital and ending with nearly breaking his neck in front of tens of children from a slip. The last fatal accident though is averted when Devon/Santa jumps in a saves the day.

Honestly, this was supposed to be a Christmas story, but nothing in the spirit of the holidays really happened. The only connection was that one character was playing Santa and the other an Elf.
Editing and revision wise I feel this was a bit of a mess. Too many information about hundred different things jumped in the middle of events causing confusion and taking your concentration from the main event. For such a short story it was too much and too little; too much useless info and too little basic and associated with the plot.

The end was not a cliffhanger, it was odd. The two main characters only just met yet the words “mine” and “settle” were mentioned way too easy. The whole thing felt a bit surreal for me and I failed connecting with the story. As things go this short was not good enough.