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Masked Riders - Lucius Parhelion 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Review.


Now this is what I call a romance and I absolutely loved it.

This beautiful historical follows Jesse and Bridger. Jesse has finally settled in his life as a rancher after the trauma left behind the war. What he hasn’t settled in yet is his “perverse cravings”. Jesse finds it really hard to calm the storm inside him that come after each encounter with men like him.

After one such night with a certain vaquero Jesse still finds the need in him to delude himself that the said vaquero might’ve been a bit reluctant to leave him. But such notions are for fools and Jesse doesn’t indulge much.

When the next day brings him face to face with his nameless man again but this time under the name Bridger and fellow traveler/investigator in a shadowy business for his relatives, Jesse has to gather all his strength to maintain a polite façade. It is the first time ever for him to see the same man twice and something deep inside start sing-songing that Bridger is no ordinary man.

I loved this story as short as it was it was lovely and so very romantic. This pair was, oh dear, so lovable. Bridger a steady character who has no real worries in life is the opposite of Jesse, who is skittish as a colt. In the most calm way possible Bridger slowly worms his way into Jesse’s heart, who never until that moment has believed he could find intimacy in a man’s presence, arms and life. I adored this pair. I loved the way they steadily went from the one-night-stand to companions to friends and finally lovers in an era that had no good news for “sodomites”.

I also loved the story; it showed just how dangerous that time was for people that were different and how easily rascals could overwhelm your life and threaten your existence. The writing itself was divine for me. Written in a language that could be considered of that time, all I saw was roses and blue skies and white puffy clouds while reading this. Did I say this was quite a romantic read? Loooved it.

And after going all pinky little hearts for this book I feel compelled to recommend this to you. If you love historical romances featuring sexy cowboys than this is the book for you.