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Yes, Forever (Part 1) - Bailey Bradford 3 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


This short story is the first part of what probably promises a long series of installments. In this first one we get to meet John, a young man with a history of depression. His life prior is decision to change it was a long string of hook ups that left him dry and buried even deeper in his illness. In his attempt to change it though an get his life back on track and control John closes himself in a comfort zone where he doesn’t let anyone in except his family and his best friend Henry, whom we get to meet here briefly too. A new neighbor though will show up and his presence will shock John from his mundane life and challenge his way of thinking.

Truth is that this story did spark my interest. John is a nice character and his personality draws you in somehow. His friendship with Henry is another thing that is worth a deeper view, I thought at some point that this was going to be a “friends to lovers” story, but surprisingly it was not. It was Benji that made an impression to me with his behavior. His character was odd and I really didn’t get him in this first part. Beside the fact that he is the exact opposite of John, that character seemed on the verge of losing his balance between sane and insane. Scary one indeed.

Other than the fact that there is a promise that the next part will be more interesting, this one was somehow dull. Almost like a prologue for a book and the end was quite a cliffhanger if there ever was one. Sensuality wise though it wasn’t very interesting. Not much to be said other than wait and see and let’s hope the next one will raise the intensity and the appeal a notch or two.
Bottom end, while somehow weird, this story did make me want to read the next part.