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The Queen's Consorts - Kele Moon 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Oh Holy Mother of Hades, what a story, what a book, what an unexpected surprise to have found such a lovely read. See I’m always wary when I read ménage that involves a pair of males and a female, because most books I’ve read have been such a disappointment, but Oh My God, this book was excellent.

The story takes place in a world that Ms. Moon created with (I can only imagine) such care and devotion. The planet Auroria has a peculiar lifestyle and magic. The females are not only respected there, but called divine, especially those of the Capital. They are called Sisters of The Great Mother (the Queen) and each of them forms a bond with a pair of lifemates (two men). The energy between them comes then to a balance and the bond is a very strong one. The Queen herself has great powers and the lifeforce from the very planet is linked with her. When the Queen is happy the sun shines bright, when she is sad rain falls from the sky and when she is mad well… you get the picture. The Queen becomes stronger once she has created her bond with her consorts. They must also be very strong and powerful to help balance her and keep her happy so the rest of the planet can benefit from her powers. Hence they are joined with their Queen since birth, their time of birth close together. They share a life time only to be driven apart from their Queen for one year when they are seventeen. During that year the Queen must stay away from her consorts to appreciate their presence and never take it for granted and the Consorts themselves learn how to best please and serve her so when they finally come back, the sun will shine and their bond will remain sacred forever.

This is the world we dive in. This is the concept and their culture. This is how the very ménage that could be trite transforms to a majestic relationship.

But the last Queen was murdered along with one of her consorts and the Princess was rushed out of the walls of the Palace to safety. Ever since, the planet plunged in darkness and people forgot what sunshine was like. The commoners suffered in poverty and the Council of the Sisters gained great power, their greed insatiable, their hunger for blood terrifying. The few Royalist still devoted to the Queen are powerless and unable to prevent the most horrible thing of all, the abuse, violation and molestation of the Queen’s Consorts in the hands of the Sisters. The pair that share the same soul with the Queen, the very one that are supposed to be hers and hers alone are treated no more than sex-slaves and constantly tortured by vicious women in order to kill the moral of those who still believe in the Queen’s return.

No, this is not just a story with a threesome thrown in there and focusing on the sex scenes. This is a wholesome story of love, lust, magic and power. This is a story that will grab your heart in one fierce hold and shake you to the core. You’ll shudder in the violence that is hidden inside these pages, you’ll want to kill, maim, split in two and rip hearts out. You’ll want to be there in the midst of the battlefield, because there will be battles fighting when they make the final stand.

And you’ll fall in love divine. You’ll feel the brilliance of something unique and you’ll probably think “ what a great, great read”. I truly loved this book, everything in it called to me. Before I knew it I was so much engrossed with the characters, their story and suffering that the anger on their behalf took me by surprise, an excellent achievement for the author, quite a talented hand there.

And I could stand here writing and writing forever for this one, but I think I have already said enough. I have given you the set up where the story lies but you’ll have to take that step and jump into this world yourself and feel the story first hand, I can only say that it’s beyond worth it. Strongly recommended.