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See Right Through [Savannah] (Savannah, #1) - Sara Winters 3 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Wow, this was a fun read and the characters involved very, very interesting.

We have Devin and Michael who have been friends since kids, and are now roommates living in the same house along with their third friend Sam. Michael is the first person Dev came out to and after his family threw him out when he came out to them, Michael’s family became his. But Michael is straight and while he knows what Dev feels for him, there are some things that will never change. But Devin’s belief that one day Michael will see how good they could be together forces the latter to throw in the comment that maybe Devin’s been holding in unrealistic dreams and not seeing what’s in front of him for so long. And that is exactly how Dev’s world changes in the span of a heartbeat. The notion that he and Sammy would be good together has him reeling, but when Sam comes right out and makes his move with the most seductive way Dev could possibly think of, the fear that he might lose his best friend due to a failed relationship has him pushing Sam away and practically achieving what he so much fears; Sam feeling hurt from the rejection and moving away.

This little novella was quite fun and hilarious in its way. The main character goes from having complete control of every aspect of his life into losing it all in the span of days. Emotions going in a wild roller-coaster of highs and lows and every line of the text had tension hidden in between. I enjoyed the most the fact that Sam is on his way to become a psychologist yet he loses his bearing as if he was a teenager when love and rejection take over.

I admit that there was a great amount of drama there toward the end that somehow pulled me back and the end itself was a bit hasty and easy, but the result was that I loved this story, enjoyed it a lot and I’d recommend it for those who love friends-to-lovers romantic stories.