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The Laird's Forbidden Lover - Amelia C. Gormley 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Have I mentioned how much I love historical romance? Or better yet, have I mentioned how much I love Scotts? This novella has it both and I’m glad to say I enjoyed it immensely. I’ll also have to say straight on that the speech was disturbing there at the beginning, that is until I got used to it, because damn it was Scottish all the way through. I had this horrifying fear there for a moment that I won’t be able to get into it, but that was easily overcome and I managed to have quite a blast.

This is the tale of Tavish, future Laird of a place that in all honesty I can’t pronounce, and Iain, a simple farm lad with whom he has a distant relationship.

Iain has always harbored some kind of hero-worship for Tavish, but it isn’t until Tavish is nineteen years old and Iain fifteen that they come to realize they harbor more than that. What starts as mere lust and teenage hormones going wild slowly transform into deep love.

The two young men don’t have time to explore those feeling though as their way of life only allows them to see each other once a year, and with some schemes on Tavish behalf perhaps twice, but they get to become stronger with each passing year.

The fear of getting caught and dishonoring their families does not stop the two young lovers from making young, naïve dreams that come crashing when reality hits home and they are found. Not in the act but the rumors are strong enough to drive the two apart. But neither man can imagine a future where there is no place for the other in their life, neither one can bear a permanent separation, and while there seems to be no way to win this battle, help comes from the most unexpected source.

I loved it, I loved them both so much. Tavish, so hot blooded and reckless and wild and sexy and a devil-may-care kind of guy had me around his little finger in a blink and Iain, the shy and gorgeous, steady and thoughtful Iain who got so wrapped up in the web of love that had to go and do the ultimate sin in his head for his bonny Tavish, he had me wanting to hug him tight and never let him go. Weird that sensation.

And speaking of sensations, dear Lord was this read a hot, sensual ride. The intimate scenes between the two young men, from their first fumbling and their exploration, to their first time and later on their exquisite lovemaking, everything was extremely arousing. I don’t know, was it the fact of a time long ago that the fear was a constant companion that made it so, or the men-in-kilt fantasy, or simply a very well written context, but the result was fascinating and hot to the core.

The ending though might have come a bit weird for me. I will not call it unrealistic because frankly I have no clue what would constitute realistic in the era this story is located, and you never know what to expect from people, but yeah, that’s it, it was surprising and a perfect solution for the dilemma. Unfortunately it also left me with wondering what would the future bring for them… three… I swear my imagination is burdensome at times.

Bottom end if you like historical romances and highlands and men in kilts and the sort of inevitable love then this is the book for you. I truly had fun reading it.


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