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I'm a crazy chick who somehow ended up a volunteer reviewer for Miss Portia de Moncur. I read m/m books and review them as honestly and passionately as I can.

Making The Grade - Shannon West Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


A typically rich boy/poor boy college romance? A assistant teacher/student stereotype? Or a cliché college romance with lots of sex that are thrown in a transparent plot?

Neither. This story is absolutely delightful and we get to see it from the very first line. The witty humor and special way of narration begin then and in a unique way we get engrossed in a most fun and lovely story.

It’s lust on first sight for both of them. Travis, a poor kid, working his way through college is trying very hard to juggle the tutoring sessions, the assistant teaching job and his own studies. His private life is nonexistent, socializing has become a distant memory and he all but falls asleep on his books every night. Add there this sense of unworthiness and you got a young man that doesn’t expect much from other. Especially a guy like Shane that is… well sex on legs? A wet dream walking? Whatever you call him, he is that and more.

And he knows it. Yet when the young twink seems not to bow his head to his charms and literally ignoring him, Shane’s ego makes a stand and he gets hell bound on impressing that incredible creature that dared escape.

And what starts as an ego boost and insta-lust chase, escalates into much more when Shane finds that the young twink is hiding so much more under his shyness and clumsy ways.

But I feel inadequate to properly describe this book. It’s way too funny, the author has managed to get the entire text, even the serious parts, sparkled with a light humor. The writing is engaging and the surprise was that we get to see it from both views in a quite unique way, at least for me. You see every chapter is a different point of view, first we see Travis and his thoughts, then second chapter comes and we see most of the first through Shane’s eyes, and the same event is described through each characters “personality”. One would have thought I’d hate it. I usually dislike the repetition with a passion, but damn, and here is where I love the author and quite literally bow to her talent, in this instance it worked because the author avoided repeating word for word the events and rather focused on the experience and emotions as were felt for each individual character.

And it worked for me, I loved them both. I loved Travis and his shy personality. I loved that his thoughts were firm and he opened his mouth to push Shane away and be professional and all, but utterly failed every time succumbing instead to this incredible man that wanted him. I loved that he was such a nice guy even if nothing was ever easy on him.

And Shane, egotistical and arrogant Shane. Well I admit, while I recognized his charm from the beginning I very much wanted to bitch-slap him at some point. And even when his behavior was totally explained and “justified” I still remained a bit on the defense with him, wanting to give him a good shake. Still, what a good fit and how delightful being in his head was.

I had a blast reading this book, it was funny and fun, it had a plot that was light yet properly developed and for its length perfect and it was sexy and sensual. It was a very good fast read for every fan of college-romance and “inappropriate” relations between teacher/student.

A very engaging read that I don’t even hesitate recommending.