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A Fighting Chance - Laylah Hunter 2.5 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Earth has become a place where only the ones out of luck are stuck behind, the entire future out there in the Colonies.

Luis is a boxer that barely makes his rent and his future doesn’t shine bright at the moment. Yes he’s a winner and lately he’s been in a serious strike but that still doesn’t afford the money to make the flight out of Earth. That escape is merely a dream he shares with his buddy/lover Davey.

When Davey’s chance to get out of Earth shows up when he wins a contest and a job in one of the Colonies, both men start to really give it a thought and make plans to go there together. But even as Davey wins the job he still has to pay his journey there and there is simply not enough money even for one of them. Unless…

This shorty could be good, but somehow there were too many things lacking. First of all the pair lacked chemistry and some kind of a bond. They seemed like fuck-buddies who just made a decision to leave the slum together and although there were hints of romance there it didn’t quite make a show.

And there was the boxing part that felt somehow detached. Here we had this guy who got high on winning, his entire life was just that and the intensity of the fight was a no-show. And there he was going against everything he knew, against every instinct he had, yet still there was a serious lack of blood-boiling tension that should be there. The entire thing was just… yeah, detached. Simply narrated, told with an almost boring voice. It just didn’t grip me the way I know boxing can.

In the end this story was yet another lukewarm one for me.