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I'm a crazy chick who somehow ended up a volunteer reviewer for Miss Portia de Moncur. I read m/m books and review them as honestly and passionately as I can.

Make a Play: 2013 Daily Dose Anthology "No Losers in the Game of Love" - Dawn Kimberly Johnson,  Kyle Adams,  J.P. Barnaby,  Catt Ford,  Anna Butler,  Sabine Cross,  Mary Calmes,  Kay Ellis,  Bru Baker,  Laylah Hunter,  Maja Rose,  Elinor Gray,  Ashavan Doyon,  Stella K. Jefferson,  Ari McKay,  Pinkie Ray Parker,  Teegan Loy,  Lee Comyn,  Nora Reviews written for MM Good Book Reviews

Bully for You by Catt Ford 3.5 Hearts

What a lovely, lovely little story. So fun and funny and challenging yet again with the difference of the characters. I loved it, I loved them.

Martin was O.M.Gee! fabulous. The flamboyancy of that character was plain adorable and I don’t usually like the over-flaming characters.
There’s this thing about them that is too much, but God I loved mouthy, there-in-your-face Martin. I admit he scared me a bit there, I mean a sparkling, loud twink going to the rodeo, oh dear, surrounded by hot-headed men ready to bounce at the tip of the hat, yet still pushing and pushing. At some point I truly thought Marti must have had a death wish or something, but that was what made him so damn adorable and lovable.

And Jesse, now he was also quite charming and downright delicious. Ms. Ford has a real special way drawing cowboys in words. This entire world of bull-riders and bull-fighters is enthralling and I just can’t get enough of it. What a thrill it is reading about that all and how very fascinating descriptions yet again.

As for them both they really made quite a nice couple with a sparkling chemistry. It was absolutely gorgeous reading their “hookups”, hot and intense and sexy.

Yup, if you want a nice, fast, hot and sexy story with a cowboy and a city-twink this is definitely your read. I enjoyed it immensely.


Contact Sport by Anna Butler 3.5 Hearts

Oh man, this was fun. This was lots and lots of fun.

Imagine this college hockey player that has a Rock Star status being blown up by a geek. All that arrogance, all that self-assurance and self-importance and there comes a geek, not just any geek but the very King of them and SURPRISE! Not only is Jamie left with a slack jaw because the geeks is simply beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous, but he actually can play hockey and nearly won the game from Jamie. Hell if it wasn’t for the rest of the team Jamie would be laying at Mr. Geek’s feet in pieces.

But damn it if he cares. He’s got another kind of contact to make with beautiful geek guy after the game and he’s having quite a change of heart about math.

Lovely read, very fun, very fast, quite hilarious at parts and definitely hot there at the end. It did regenerate a question out of me though and that’d be: Will Ms. Butler make this a short length series or was this it?

As it is this shorty is quite worth a read. Enjoyed it!


A Fighting Chance by Laylah Hunter 2.5 Hearts

Earth has become a place where only the ones out of luck are stuck behind, the entire future out there in the Colonies.

Luis is a boxer that barely makes his rent and his future doesn’t shine bright at the moment. Yes he’s a winner and lately he’s been in a serious strike but that still doesn’t afford the money to make the flight out of Earth. That escape is merely a dream he shares with his buddy/lover Davey.

When Davey’s chance to get out of Earth shows up when he wins a contest and a job in one of the Colonies, both men start to really give it a thought and make plans to go there together. But even as Davey wins the job he still has to pay his journey there and there is simply not enough money even for one of them. Unless…

This shorty could be good, but somehow there were too many things lacking. First of all the pair lacked chemistry and some kind of a bond. They seemed like fuck-buddies who just made a decision to leave the slum together and although there were hints of romance there it didn’t quite make a show.

And there was the boxing part that felt somehow detached. Here we had this guy who got high on winning, his entire life was just that and the intensity of the fight was a no-show. And there he was going against everything he knew, against every instinct he had, yet still there was a serious lack of blood-boiling tension that should be there. The entire thing was just… yeah, detached. Simply narrated, told with an almost boring voice. It just didn’t grip me the way I know boxing can.

In the end this story was yet another lukewarm one for me.


Heart of the Race by Mary Calmes 2.5~3 Hearts

It was love on first sight when Brian was nine and Varro was ten, even if he didn’t know it yet back then. By fate they were joined in family as Varro’s parents took him in foster care and never been apart since. But growing up things changed when their sexuality clashed, Varro being quite the lady killer and Brian finding and admitting to being gay. How did he know? Well easy enough when your best friend/brother is the star of every fantasy you have.

As they took separate ways in college Brian took the decision of distancing himself from Varro in order to keep his sanity, but yet again that couldn’t be so for long as Varro needed him to have him by his side when he raced. Being the only one in his life never to ground him or say no, or be careful, Brian’s presence was like breath in Varro’s life, yet he never saw how much that hurt Brian to be near him and not with him. Not until Brian left for good to try to make a life outside all that fantasy and wishful thinking.

This story is the classic boy-crush with best friend and gay-for-you type. I’ll admit I’m not very fond of the idea, but the entire story till it got to the point that everything changed was very engaging. The boy-crush was fascinating, the way the two characters worked with each other was adorable and the way Varro affected Brian was downright frustrating.

I didn’t liked the fact that Varro was the lady-killer and not even contemplated being gay until Brian walked out of his life for good. And I didn’t like the 180 turnaround he did after that. It was just too surreal and the story, that had been quite fun till then, lost all credibility.

The final confrontation between the two character, which by the way happened by phone, was a bit over the top too, with Varro repeating the same thing and Brian asking the same thing over and over, and everything changing as if by a magical hand. As for their first time together, well, while hot and sexy and all laden with the longing and the wildness that was expected, it still was a bit too much and too smooth for a first timer that had no clue on how to be with a man.

Nevertheless as I said the story was fun and enjoyable in a wistful and overly romantic kind of way, with the moto love conquers it all in full display. Recommended for the fans of high-speed, sexy and wild characters that challenge life head on.


Love’s Cabers Tossed by Ari McKay 2.5 Hearts

It’s the yearly Coastal Carolina’s Highland Games and Martin like he does every year rents his booth and starts creating his pastries. Like always he wants to make people fall in love with his work and gain a higher clientele for his bakery. But this year thing do not go exactly as planned.

First there is an unexpected visit from a lil sheltie begging for sweets, then comes the dog’s owner who is non-other that the figure of many a fantasies Martin has had, Llyall, a tall, long-haired, broad-muscled, absolutely gorgeous Scott, who appears to be flirting Martin. And while Martin is absolutely sure that Llyall couldn’t possibly be attracted to his mediocre appearance, he changes his mind soon enough when after an accident he’s rendered useless and Llyall offers to help him with his booth, only to reveal soon enough that he also want more out of the slender man.

Well, the entire man-in-kilt fantasy was there and there is no doubt Llyall is hot. He is also Mr. Perfect. He is a lawyer who works on abuse cases and cases with children, who in his spare time plays the bagpipes and tosses cabers for fun, loves dogs and is totally charmed by Martin. What? Too much? Yeah I thought so too. The entire read had this too much feeling about it. The “prince in shining armor” that came to save the “damsel in distress” and boy was Martin the personification of that phrase. I just couldn’t get into that mindset and when the time came for pair to be together, well let’s just say I was disappointed with the outcome. I felt as too much was done and said for a very lukewarm performance with some extremely cheesy dialogues.

What I did love and enjoyed and was possibly my favorite part in this book was the games themselves and the caber tossing event that made me wish there was a bit more description and action for that part.

So while this was not my kind of read, you might very well enjoy it if you don’t mind the too perfect characters and the too perfect situation where everything comes smoothly together and the little guy gets his dream man in the end.


Luck of the Dice by Pinky Rae Parker 2.5 Hearts

Ok, so I’ve been a gamer myself for some years and being an addict during that time I have to say that the game part of this story I loved it, even though RPG wasn’t really my thing. But I understand it, and the mindset, so it was not hard for me to love the fun part of this story and get some of Gavin’s fears and disappointments in the love section. It is too easy for a person that has a love for comics, graphic novels, rpgmmo’s to find someone out there to understand and love him with all that or because all that.

So while Gavin has a social life with friends that share his passions, his love life is non-existent. But one good thing amidst this depression is that he gained a VIP invitation for the tournament of a re-launched game at the three days Convention he would partake.

And there the nerd that lives inside me got really, really excited, Gavin’s change from the insecure guy he was outside those doors to a comfortable player, his persona, his role-playing character, all very fascinating and just when things start to get really, really interesting as the Game Master is being somewhat flirtatious, BOOM! Comes the end.

Yes, I forgot this was a short story because the story got me involved more than I thought, but that made it worse with the kind of ending this one has. Too abrupt, too what-the-heck-just-happened and I felt as if I was playing my game back in the days and while I was in the middle of a Boss fight, healing like crazy, my tank suffering severe damage and my internet connection has a break-down. Good God the frustration this ending caused me cannot be described in words.

So anyway, if you’re not the maniac I am with such things and you want a sneak peek in the Gaming world with a hint of “nerdy” love there in the air, then this short can give you that desirable glimpse.


Matching Vectors by Lee Comyn Sci-Fi 3.5 Hearts

Ah now this story was fun. Spaceship racing along the Milky Way? Hell yeah, sign me up for that. But when you put in there a sexy and cocky devil named Fin, a whole team with witty characters backing him up and a drop-dead gorgeous Sean driving Fin crazy and yeah, you have a very nice short story to indulge for your evening.

Fin has been for years the top racer, the first, never to lose a game unless someone actually sabotages his ship. His racing team is his family and the week starts beautifully with his baby sister breaking record, only to be bested by a new guy in town who is absolutely stunning and claims his attention for the night.

A lovely hook up indeed and in this world I was glad to see there was no mention of difficulty for same sex pairings. It appeared to be as natural for people as hetero pairs are and it was invigorating, escapism at its best.

After a great night with his stranger stud and a promise for more Fin is ready to win his race, but things just start not looking good when a new guy shows up and cuts the asteroids and debris around them as if he had no care in the world. Lucky overconfident newbie or cheating? Because there is no way in hell Fin is admitting defeat.

Yeah it was a fun, fun read. All the descriptions of the race, all the descriptions of the spaceship and surrounding environment, plus the lovely story and very acceptable ending, it was a most enjoyable story for me. If only it went on. *sigh*

So if you love science fiction books grab this, totally recommended.


Pouring a Brick by Tray Ellis 3 Hearts

I liked this story as it was all about martial arts and how they affect each person differently according to their personalities.

In this case we have Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and to completely different characters. Will is already a purple belt and he doesn’t wins his belts fast and through competitions no, he rather trains continually and for long time, giving time to his mind and body to absorb the art and the mechanics. He is already in that “space” where you let yourself flow with the motions of the art, he’s calm and he simply enjoys it without the need to compete.

Spence on the other way has always been a hurricane of a man. Always chasing his next challenge, always pushing himself and he’d be a liar if he said he doesn’t like competition, he thrives in it. So after accomplishing things at work he finds himself wanting yet another challenge and BJJ comes across. But what started as yet another sport for him, became much more than a challenge when it came to Will, because while he tackles everything head-first in his life, he has to be careful and not ruin things with his fast becoming friend. No matter how much though he needs to let his tension go and roll with the flow, Spencer is certain that when it comes to life and love, one must go all for nothing if he wants to win the prize.

And it was so fun watching them both interact with each other and adapt BJJ in their life in a completely different way. Fun, fast and sexy, I liked this read and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes martial arts, a grappling art at that, hot guys and a fun read.


Prize Package by Kyle Adams 4 Hearts

Honestly this short story was too damn hilarious and the best prelude to a real novel starring Jason and Trent if there ever was one. I’d sure root for it.

So here we have Jason, a guy that enters any contest he finds in his field of view out of pure compulsion and he’s never won anything. But this time, this time he did. He is the winner of a contest that he has absolutely no idea what the heck it’s for, but that doesn’t matter, no sir, what matters is that he won. Ah and it gets better, he gets to meet The MeatGrinder, a wrestling persona quite famous, although the wrestling part Jason couldn’t care less. What he cares about is the person behind the persona, Trent, who was his all-time college crush back when he was a very, very insecure person, leading to regrets for never even attempting to talk with Trent. So now is his chance not only to dispel that longing, but to actually spend some time with his old crush, sine part of the prize package is to hand out with him the entire day.

Hilarious, did I say that already? Well I don’t care, I’m going to repeat myself as often as I feel because it was too damn funny. Jason’s character made me laugh and laugh and like his even at his worse, even when he got really laughable at some point and whinny at some other. He still was a fantastic character and damn it if he didn’t deserve some love there. And Trent, well, besides being hawt and gorgeous and incredibly sweet and adorable, that guy had the patience of a saint for putting up with Jason’s antics. I suppose it was refreshing for him to be with a person that didn’t suck up to him all the time, still in the context he came as quite lovable there.

And as for the wrestling part of the story, damn the entire plot from the moment Jason shows up at Trent’s place till they reached the pool felt like this giant build up, with sexual innuendos and rubbing each other to the point of madness. Very sexy with some wrestling “training” scenes that made you think anything but the actual sport.

In the end you were left with a very wholesome feeling that is hard to get when reading stories of such short length. Strongly recommended.


Running Away From Sunshine by Gwynn Marssen 3 Hearts

This story was a bit overflowing with events and things happening in there that the short length didn’t quite support for proper development, however I did like it. It was sweet and the hockey character, Gabriel, was charming.

An adrenaline junky and a devil may care attitude has Gabriel almost too frequently in the ER, where his doctor, Jake, is having a difficult time maintaining a solely professional face. But Jake isn’t out and nobody here knows anything about him, not that if he was there would be a chance with young Gabriel, for all he knows Gabriel is straight albeit with a body to die and drool for. However a friendship starts growing between the two men and Gabriel takes it upon himself to teach the good doctor the fun one could have watching/playing hockey, after all no one lives in Canada and hasn’t even seen a hockey game before. A torture for Jake being so close to this perfect specimen of a man, but he simply can’t resist Gabriel’s puppy-eyes and that lovely one dimple in his face.

It looks simple enough, romantic even as the two men get to know each other and appreciate one another’s company until Jake’s past catches up and thing he doesn’t want to reveal and relive and share simply drop by. As I said, the details in the plot get a bit too much and while it would be ok in a longer story, here it simply did get the space to develop feelings and events happening between the characters.

In the end it was a sweet story, quite romantic and even a bit fun.
So these were the stories I got to read and review for MM Good Book Reviews.