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Changing Planes - Karenna Colcroft 2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

I didn’t really like this book. It was weird and not well written for me to actually enjoy it, not to mention the insta-love and the rapid changing that is completely not my thing.

As it was the main character, Oliver, is still a mystery to me. His actions made no sense most of the time and his tendency for overthinking things and changing his mind in a heartbeat didn’t make him a darling. We meet him when he flies to Sacramento to marry his Sophia, a woman with whom he has never lived with. They’d been “together” for two years but they only saw each other during weekends (not every weekend of course) and the most time they spend together was a week.

Right there I’m thinking “what the heck?” but I’m going on with the story and reading the many second thoughts Oliver has. He is uprooting himself from his work and city, his entire belonging traveling across country, yet he finds this moment for second thoughts that he has been having an inkling of for a while. His train of thought didn’t make much sense there and instantly had me wondering why was this character marrying in first place? The answer was given in the form of society’s expectations, yet Oliver is alone in the world being thrown out from his family and he has no friends, so that was weird as well.

He meets Colin on the plane and there is flirt going on and while they don’t act on their attraction, not giving names or phone numbers they do get in touch with each other the next day in town. From that moment on it was a fast forward thing to read. Oliver cancels his wedding with Sophia, the cancelation being mutual, a weird confrontation with his almost in laws, a weird sex scene with Sophia as a “yay! We broke up” gift, following with him getting back to Boston and trying to make a relationship with Colin.

I know I’m repeating myself, but that was weird. Really crazy at some points, how fast they moved and how fast the words “I love you” and “husband” were mentioned. The way Oliver overthought everything in his mind, the way he wanted so much not to be alone, the way he gave himself to Colin, the way everything they did came to comparison with everything he did with Sophia, Good God.

Perhaps I wouldn’t mind so much if there was some sort of connection between me and the characters but the telling and the hazy intimacy didn’t help create that bond. Every emotion was lost to me, the only thing that consumed me was Oliver’s need to love and be loved, right here, right now. In the end I couldn’t even focus properly in the book, it felt as the lines were repeating over and over again.