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Rough in the Saddle - Hennessee Andrews 2.5~3 Hearts

Dear Author,
These two guys were childhood friends. They tried to hide their relationship in the rodeo but they got caught, so they ran away. That is when they found the gay rodeo.

And this is how it starts with Wade feeling torn between his father’s expectations and judgment, and his love for Macon. While Macon on the other hand has had it and is sick with the way people treat him, people they both knew all their lives. What makes it harder is how much all this affects Wade, how much he hurts Macon with keeping him hidden even though everyone knows. What else is there for their relationship, do they even have a future together if Wade continues to let other people’s expectations get in the way?

It’s a nice story, a very nice concept because it addresses the old classic issue of “what people say” and how much that affects our life, our happiness.

Wade has a really hard time believing that not only the people in his town give him the cold shoulder, but his own father too with his snide remarks and sarcastic comments. He has a hard time accepting that a man would shun out his only son/child because said son loves a man, his best friend for years at that. He has had enough of that too and knows he’s hurting his lover, but still can’t see a way out.

When Zander comes up with a proposition for them to enter the “gay” team for the Gay Rodeo and eventually the Nationals Macon feels this is it, their chance to be who they are without giving a damn about what anyone thinks, but Wade still can’t let go of that closet…

As I said a nice story, sweet and tender, making a statement and bearing in mind what the reader asked for, the author delivered well. It wasn’t exceptional and it had certainly some point that needed refining, but if you’re in search for an angst free romance between cowboys with a definite HEA this is the book for you.