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Mountain Prey - Lyn Gala 4.5 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

So this is yet another book that I took on reading utterly blind, meaning I didn’t read the blurb, I didn’t care about the genre, nothing other than the author. Why? Well, because it’s Lyn Gala of course and somehow, somewhere along the run she made my favorite author’s list. Did I get disappointed from this? Nah, not a chance.

As a matter of fact Mountain Prey was the book I desperately wanted to read without even knowing why. It was made clear to me though from the first page what was that I needed and that was the fact that this book is absolutely, brilliantly funny and hilarious, which made my day and lightened my spirits. It was also ludicrous in so, so many ways. Mountain logic is a phrase you will encounter many times and by the time you’re done with the book, that very phrase will cause a whole fit of laughter to you on its own.

But let’s take a peek on the story. This is the incredulous story of Stunt (Stewart) and Alex. Stunt is mountain folk and Alex of course would be the city folk. Too very different cultures meet and crash and in the end of course come together in a stunningly beautiful way. Alex is on a vigilante mission, tracking down the man who killed his brother – who happens to be a big Drug Lord – up in the mountains. Bidding his time and checking this man’s routine and schedules so he’ll find the right time to make his hit, Alex stumbles right at Stunt, or was it the other way around? Oh yeah, Stunt, being a federal forester taking care of the trails, is the one who stumbles right on Alex, gorgeous Alex, ugh and perhaps psycho killer Alex? Stunt doesn’t know. What he knows is that he’s suddenly a hostage to a very strangle guy whose moods change in a heartbeat. What he discovers is that his kidnapper is not only on a vengeance mission to what he believes is a righteous cause and he also is very good, no extremely good with binding a man. Stunt should know, after all the years he’s spent in the bondage scene, after so many Dom’s having used ropes on him, Stunt does know that Alex is much more than he lets on a first sight. And so their adventure begins.

I had a blast reading this, I had to clutch at my belly and wipe away the tears because this story was way, way too funny. Stunt is a character so freaking unique, so funny albeit unwillingly so, so extraordinary, that it’s near impossible not to love him. It is obvious that this character was created with a lot of care and passion. He is a vortex that absorbs you into his world and doesn’t let you go instead makes you love irrationality in a way no other character has ever achieved.

And Alex, damn, no tell me who can resist a god on a vengeance mission? No one I assure you, but what I like more about this character was his Dom side. Now you know how I love myself the kink and BDSM scenes. I find few authors that can pull ‘em off and make ‘em real in a piece of paper, and well Lyn is one of them. The whole Dom/sub relationship that occurred, the buildup and the final strike, how it followed up and continued, the intimate scenes that left you near breathless, panting for air and fanning yourself because their hotness was simply unbearable. My God, what a gorgeous piece of work, what an erotic result, un-freaking-believable. And last but not least, I must, must mention Elijah. I will forever remember this character and hold close to my heart that damn shotgun wedding he performed that had me nearly pissing myself and hurt so much from laughing that I still feel sore on my abs.

There are so much to say about this book that if I indulged in all that I’d be writing on forever. Bottom end this was brilliant and so fresh that it managed to give me a new appreciation for this author. The book is totally worth the read, and then re-read, and then a twice a year dust off just for the fun of it. Definitely one of my favorites overall.