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Fantasy for Sale - Sage Marlowe Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Well I’ve come to love Sage’s work what with him being so freaking erotic and sensual, it’s practically hooking and intoxicating reading anything written by him.

So I was not surprised when this one was yet again hot as hell, sensual and sexy and arousing to the point where you simply want to scream. I was surprised with the plot though. There I was, naively enough, expecting just another version of the hustler and the client fantasy, and honestly at the beginning it seemed to be the light hearted one too. But Sage makes the difference with an admirable plot twist that leaves you gasping, makes your heart clench and hurt for the character, and waters your eyes on more than one occasion. In retrospect I guess it’s still a stereotyped theme as well, what with the hard/painful past for the hustler and the charming prince that comes, or at least tries to, come at his rescue. It simply has a different feel to it.

You see Cam is introduced to us as that wet dream every man and woman has. His description is literally sinful and the image that is created in our head is enough to leave you drooling. His character also makes you believe he has a fun life; he’s easy going and seemingly taking his job as a joy-ride, at least in the beginning, with him being a pricey escort with a nice clientele. The illusion is soon shattered though and despite the fact that certain aspects of his life come to light, the mystery still takes a while to unveil, leaving you anxious with the uncertainty and wanting to quickly find out what comes next. You get to really care for Cam and pin for him in a most delightful way, and his true self makes you even share a tear or two. Loved him.

And then, there’s Nate “the client” whose eyes we see this story through. Now Nate is adorable and quite admirable in a way, but I somehow found him a bit unreal. You see Nate falls pretty quickly for Cam and he somehow weirded me out. It only took him a hook up to fall into the trap and the second time, albeit it was three months later, he was already head over heels with the “hooker”.

Have I said how I’m not a fan of insta-love? But other than that this character has its way to make you love him too. He’s a bit over the top, a bit naïve and somewhat dramatic as well, but you get to love him and secretly scream at him in your head to move his bloody ar$e and do something for the love of God. Ah, the frustration he gave me at times. His character with his over-active imagination and the jumping to assumptions didn’t help with the intensity and the drama effect either. While it was adorable seeing his reaction, it was also a bit frustrating as it was catching and you get to get anxious as well right beside him.

The two of them really did give me a wild ride, jumping from hot and sexy scenes to sad and melancholy ones and then again to steaming hot and breath catching. I loved this book, I enjoyed it immensely and as always it had a depth that makes the difference from others. Strongly recommended.